Different Forms of Christianity: Baptist and Catholic Assignment

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Baptists and Catholics are two deferent forms of Christianity. The term “Baptist” represents to an individual who have faith in the adult “baptism of followers” in Jesus. The word “Catholic” denotes “Universal”. It usually represents to the Roman Catholic Church, which for most of these last 2000 years has been the greatest and most organized spiritual faction within Christendom. (Wills, 1990).

Many Roman Catholic beliefs are different from Baptist beliefs. First, the sacraments namely THE EUCHARIST. The Catholics follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, that apostles gave their lives for the sake of the Gospel, “gospel” meaning Good News / teachings of Jesus, while the Baptist Church was formed at the beginning of the 17th century with the Bible, minus seven books from the Old Testament that didn’t agree with, as their sole rule of faith and every Individual responsible for his own Interpretation.

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The founder of the Catholic Church Is Jesus Christ, while the Baptist Church Is John Smyth n 1609. Catholics believe in 7 sacraments. A sacrament is a ‘sign’ of Chrism’s living presence here on earth in which we receive grace’/blessings from. Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders. Catholics believe in the power of the Roman Catholic Bible in addition to the power of the customs and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Pope (Underdone. 950). Baptists believe in the power of the Bible as well as faith plus thing, that the Bible alone Is enough bases for all doctrine and practice. Catholics believe in the conciliation of Roman Catholic priests. Baptists believe that there is only one arbitrator between God and man, and that one arbitrator is “the man Christ Jesus”. (Underdone, 1950) Baptists based their perseverance on the baptism of non- infants who trusted on Jesus Christ alone for deliverance on three initial arguments: 1 .

The Bible does not state any Infants or small babies being baptized. There Is no evidence of children being baptized in the Bible. Harvey, 2008) 2. The term for baptize In the Inventive Greek means “to Immerse” In water. (Harvey, 2008) 3. The Bible states that those who have faith may be baptized. Since children cannot aware, and thus cannot have faith on Jesus Christ, baptism must then be for adults or at least for those old enough to aware. It must not be for children. Also, Baptists faith that baptism performs no part In rescue itself. Harvey, 2008) They also do not trust that baptism Itself secures them from their evils, The Catholics re depending on God and His promises, while the Baptists are depending on their own individual interpretation of the Bible books that they thought were relevant. There are many other differences between Catholics and Baptists.

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