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Christians and Deists are religions that have efferent history and religious belief base on the word of God. First of all, Deism is the belief in the existence of God on the evidence of reason and nature only with rejection of supernatural (dictionary). Deism is a natural religion, someone own belief not one thought by others or books. Deism started to exist after the publishing of the book, of truth, written by Edward Hubert. He was the first one to bring the thought of deism to life. The movement of deism started to take place mainly on the life of the intellectuals Like our founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams.

Most of those people had a Christian upbringing (World union of Deist). Deist had different beliefs than other religions. Deist believes that after God had created the world, he removes himself away from anything that has to do with It and let everything unfold naturally. Deist didn’t believes in the bible and did not use it has a guide in their life because it was written by human not God himself. They believe that everything that happens in life was supposed to happen and it’s the cause of nature. Their creation story is based on the big bang theory.

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They did not believe on praying for any kind of oracles and did not also believe on magic. Deists do not believe on the birth, death or resurrection of Christ in earth. They don’t think it is important to group ourselves to pray, they don’t believe in churches. They believe that we can only understand God through reasoning and through the study of the universe. Deist believes that God let us make our own choices, our own rules. They do not believe on heaven. Many deists do not believe on the trinity, they don’t generally perceive Jesus as the son of God (Robinson). Charlatanry Is the Christian religion, founded on the life and teachings of

Jesus. Christianity is divided into several different group: Catholicism, eastern orthodoxy and Protestantism. Christianity derived from the name Christ which also means to be Christ-like. Christianity was first established in Jerusalem by Jesus the Nazareth which is the son of God. During is stayed on earth he had touched so many lives and had performed so many miracles. He had chosen to preach the word of God is father. He had twelve disciples who were his first followers whom he was teaching, soon he had many more. Those followers of Jesus were called Christians.

After Jesus ad left earth to go to heaven those followers continued Hal mission for him by preaching the word of God, the father to others (Christianity History). Christians are different In many ways. Christians have different beliefs than other religions. They take their belief very seriously, they believes that the bible Is the word of God written by human who was Inspired by God. God had sent his only beloved son Jesus to die for us because of our sins. They believe in the trinity: the father, the son and the Holy go to church to worship him, to give him thanks, to confess and repent their sins. All

God believers are supposed to get baptize for salvation. Christians believes that many prophecies that are in the bible which are taken place in every part of the world right now is showing signs of the end for example earthquake, tsunami, famines, wars and many more. They believes that God will come to earth to take the saves one , like themselves, that will be the end of long suffering, sickness and hard work and take them in heaven, they also believes that whoever did not follow God words will left to die in hell. Christians believes that your deeds alone will not save you a place in paradise but is a path of you being Christ like.

Christian and other religion also have many things in command (Soft, Beth Davies). Deism and Christianity barely have anything in common base on beliefs. Deist and Christians both are religion that believes there is a God that created the world. They have faith in an afterlife. They both pray to God to think him for his doing. Both of those religions have one strong point in command they are all God’s creatures. I was not raise in any kind of religion. I grew up on everybody else around me believing in God. Now with all my research in those different religions I will say that I eave a more Christian belief.

I believe that God had sent his only son to die for my sins. He had left us the bible as a guide to follow. In my own opinion I think that there is only one God and anything that Christians stands for is the truth. I also make my own Judgments on things I see. I also found myself questioning some of the Christians beliefs. I don’t believe that you have to be part of a church are always in church to find God presence or to know his word. I always wonder if I don’t get baptize before I died, I’m I not going to be part of Gods chosen.

I believe that God as given us the power to choose what we believe is right and wrong. I do believe that one day God will come back to Judge us base on what we did on earth. In conclusion, Deism and Christianity are religions with different point of view in God. They have a lot of differences based on how they developed and what they are about. Christians believe that God is the creator and is present all around us and intervene when we need him but the deists believe differently. Both, Christians and deist believes God should be glorified for the works that he has accomplished. Do religions really matter?

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