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Mission Cupcake Delight is dedicated to serve the market with its supreme and delightful varieties of cupcakes, pastries, and cakes featuring the Madonna’s own fruit crops that will surely fit the palates and pockets of Filipinos. Vision Cupcake Delight, as a prime source of quality cupcakes in Dave City, envisions to continually serve the market with its finest products with virtuous customer service. It will strive to apply the total quality management in whole aspects of the organization in order to achieve the highest standards and expectations of the client??les.

Furthermore, Cupcake Delight will venture the desserts industry in the whole Philippines with its mission of delivering palatable and affordable products. Values Cupcake Delight is also designed to improve and enhance the values rooted from its creation. It believes that these values will be an essential part of its success. These include the areas of organization, human, society, economy, and politics. Organizational Values * Total quality management * Continuous innovation of the products * Integrity and priority of work and performance * Teamwork * Proper orientation to the customers

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Human Values * Safety and honesty of the workers * Freedom for initiative of employees * Development of skills of the bakers and employees * Career growth * Resourcefulness in every situation Social Values * Corporate social responsibility * Think green, do green * Respect for cultural diversity, minorities, and majorities Economic Values * Responsive to the trends in the economy * Harmony in the allocation of all forms of resources Political Values * Adherence of laws and policies * Appropriate use of freedom of expression * Advocate for peace and order Goals

Cupcake Delight intends to be in the right direction and to keep on the right track. To accomplish this, it furnishes its goals for the company. * To introduce an innovation of cupcakes to the market and to advertise them effectively * To establish a connection, value, and loyalty to the customers * To promote the cupcake bouquet, Bucked, as one of the best gifts for any occasions II. TARGET MARKET The target market of Cupcake Delight feature product, Bucked, is the male.

A total of 76% are willing to spend their money compared to the female with the total of 75%. There is a very little difference but it is great to target the males since they are the most appropriate customers who will spend their money to buy present for their significant others. Bucked is a supreme and delightful gift in this kind of romantic relationship. In addition, Bucked is not Just limited as a gift for sweethearts but can also be a present for people celebrating special events in their lives.

It is best for individuals celebrating their birthdays, commemorating their anniversaries, rejoicing their graduation, remembering special days like teacher, mother and father’s day, children’s party and among others. These occasions somewhat require gifts; the 75% female can be the customers for these. Ill. MARKETING NEEDS OR TRENDS The cupcake bouquet, Bucked, has a 79% demand in the market. The percentage of demand is based on the survey question whether the respondents are willing to spend their money to purchase the product.

Out the 200 respondents, 1 58 answered yes. This demand can give anticipation that the product will be likely accepted by the market when introduced. A 79% is a good figure to start presenting a product that is something new to the market. Almost three fourths are willing to buy though roughly 47. 5% have already seen a product in resemblance to the Bucked. Cupcakes are no longer different and new in the eyes and tastes of the customers but Bucked which is innovated from this common product has still a demand in the market.

It can be furtherer explained because 81% is fond of eating sweets. Therefore, when Bucked is strategically introduced and advertised, the 79% market demand can equal the 81% of people who like sweets. Cupcake Stores are growing in the Dave Region. Recently, the Jonathans Cupcake which has a shop at Areola Street had its branch in the SMS Lang Premier where more people can notice its cupcakes. Sweet Aroma Bakeshop is also keep on expanding its branches at cities outside Dave. A group of students also entered the cupcake business Just this year.

It is evident that there is a trend in cupcake business. The challenge is how to make the product attractive and unique from others. These cupcake stores offer varieties of flavors and customization of designs. However, Bucked differentiates from these because of its feature and physique. This keeps up the Bucked with the current trend in the market. In addition, Bucked is not Just for satisfying hunger but can also be a present for loved ones especially during special occasions. 93. 5% stated that Bucked is a good gift for those special events. ‘V.

SOOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESSES * new to the market, thus risky * no loyal customers yet * expensive compared to Just buying a single cupcake * several competitors * short shelf life STRENGTHS * product’s newness and uniqueness * originality * best for gift-giving * suited alternative for flower bouquets * attractive and satisfying * large target market (teenagers, young adults, more in a romantic relationship at a ere young age) * high-technology advertisements OPPORTUNITIES * expansion of branch and of products * more innovative products * partnership Witt related or substitute pr ducts * partnership with related or substitute products THREATS * famous or branded competitors might copy or imitate the product loss * overestimation of market demand V.

COMPETITION COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIX DIRECT COMPETITORS A. JONATHANS CUPCAKE Product * failure or Jonathans Cupcake offers different flavors of cupcakes from vanilla, chocolate, carrot, tiramisu, coffee, mocha, coconut mango, gingerers to pistachio. It also has various macaroons, chip cookies, and curried chocolate and toasted coconut ice cream Place Jonathans Cupcake has a shop located at Areola Street. Customers can dine in to eat its cupcakes and other pastries. It also has a branch in the SMS Lang Premier where more people will be able to see its products. Promotion Jonathans Cupcake promotes its product through Faceable page, uploading its menu, current and new products.

It also Joined in Dave Gourmet Collective where it can expose its products to other class of market. It also offers customized cupcakes ring Mother’s Day, Valentines, and other special occasions. Price The price of its cupcakes is quite expensive because of the special ingredients it incorporates to make the cupcakes more varied and special. Strengths It has a branch inside a mall; thus attracting more customers. It offers many variants of cupcakes which are not that known to the market making them interesting. Customization of its products is also being offered. Weaknesses It has strong competitors which are more famous and well known than them. Some of its products’ design is plain. B. SWEET AROMA BAKESHOP

Sweet Aroma Bakeshop offers cupcakes with very cute and attractive designs and cakes with intricate and delicious appearance. Sweet Aroma Bakeshop has a main branch at Poison Street fronting the Grand Men Seen Hotel where customers hotel can see its products. It has branches fronting San Pedro Hospital, Gaining Mall, Gaining Grand Mall of Tag, and NCSC Mall of Tag where are outside the region of Dave. It is promoting its products through its own website and own page at Faceable reaching people through online. The cupcake costs at PUP is quite expensive but reasonable since its design is so leasing to the eyes as well as to the palate of the customers. The cakes are really expensive starting at IPPP which are quite small in size.

It also offers 7 cupcakes for IPPP. It has many branches where people can conveniently purchase its products not just in Dave Region. It is starting to expand and to make a name in the cupcake industry. The products are so good both in the eyes and tongues which encourage and motivate customers tort buying them. Products are quite expensive which hesitate the customers from buying it. It is just starting thus competitors can still be the first choice of the customers. Its branch in Gaining Mall does not have any flyers which might give extra information to the customers especially those who are interested to buy its products for special occasions. C.

ROYAL BITES Royal Bites is offering flavors of cupcakes with very colorful designs. It also offers butter scotch, cookies, pastries, and customized cakes. Royal Bites is situated in Juan Subdivision, Maintain, Dave City. Royal Bites promotes its products through Faceable, pictures, and word of mouth from the owners’ friends and customers. The price is reasonable for it meets the quality expected by the customers. Royal Bites doesn’t limit its products to cupcakes but also offer variants of cakes and pastries. The products are also appealing. The business is new to the market thus not all people know or notice its products. Competition can also be a hindrance for catering more people. INDIRECT COMPETITORS A.

GOLDBRICKS Goldbricks offers cakes and rolls for birthdays, and any celebrations and occasions with different flavors and decorations. It also has cake which the customers can decorate with their own designs and likes. Pastries and pies are also available in its stores like mammon, Hopi, egg pies, tarts, and macaroons. Goldbricks also has sweets like crinkles, cookies, pastilles, candies, chocolate bouquets and lollipops, poltroon, and popcorn. It also offers scrapings meals, Pinole, side dishes, and thirst quenchers. Goldbricks has numerous branches – stalls and shops inside and outside the malls. Its branches are scattered all over the islands of the Philippines.

People can visibly see its goods almost everywhere; thus they are more encouraged to buy it. One of the most effective ways to promote Goldbricks products is to advertise it in national television since everyone NAS a chance to knowing their product otters boot he new and old ones. It also uses high-end endorsers like Kuris Aquinas, Judy Ann Santos, and Dingdong Dante. It also promotes its products particularly cakes through its program – decorate your own cake. Goldbricks goes green. It states, “Help us save the Earth by getting and bringing the Goldbricks brown bag whenever you buy their favorite Goldbricks products. ” It also has discounts. Based on Mark Striving, Goldbricks uses Good-Better-Best.

It is an intelligent pricing tactic that every firm should consider; it’s an extension of versioning that takes advantage of customers’ psychological make-up. People who are unsure what they want will usually buy the middle, or “Better” choice out of Good-Better-Best. Go back and read that sentence again: People who are unsure what they want will usually buy the middle or “Better” choice out of Good-Better-Best. So providing a middle choice is the crux of the good, better, best tactic. It has been shown that customers avoid “Best” because they are afraid of paying too much; it also shows that they are even more afraid of “Good” (the lowest choice) because they are afraid to purchase the lowest quality, and it may make them look cheap. So, when uncertain, they buy “Better”.

This meaner, if company currently have two versions of offering, company should seriously consider adding a third with more features at a higher price (and feature level). This action will likely sway any of customers who were stuck between buying “Good” (the lowest) and “Better” (the middle), to choose “Better”. Companies will also likely sell some “Best” and at much higher profit than your other offerings. Overall, simply adding a “Better” option puts more profit dollars in pocket. Goldbricks has already established its name in the Philippines. It will be one in the options in every Filipinos when choosing cakes and pastries. It is well known and famous.

The quality of its products especially the cakes is one of its edges. It has already been in the food industry for a long time; therefore it has the proper know- how and strategies to pursue whenever it can encounter problems and competitions. Health conscious individuals are quite a trend in the food industry. More people are watching their diet and how much calories and sugar they are in taking. Goldbricks uses sugar as its prime ingredient which might lead these individuals to void its products. Competition is always in the market. B. MERCY Mercy offers various kinds and flavors pastries and cakes. It also has coolers like halo-halo and shakes.

It also patronizes home-cooked Pinot dishes and short-orders such as French fries and sandwiches. Mercy already had 35 branches in Dave Region which are mostly take-out counters and a tee are tort dining particularly in Squiring branch. I TTS branches located almost everywhere make its products more visible and available to the market. Mercy promotes its products through social media particularly through Faceable ND its own company website. It also advertises through large tarpaulins stating their new offers, promotions, and activities. Word of mouth from the customers also promotes Mercy products. The prices of Mercer’s products are affordable to the market. It has a notion of panamas.

A whole cake is priced at a minimum of IPPP, cake rolls at Pl 50, coolers at PUP, and the Pinot meals at PUP. Mercy already established well its name in the market especially in Dave Region. It has been reputable because of its credibility in serving quality cakes for more than 60 years that are affordable and reasonable. Its branches are located strategically where the public can see its products. Since Mercy is in the business for more than 60 years, customers has a thinking that it is already old and want to try new and fresh branded products. It is not appealing to the higher class because it is panamas; and it does not have systematic promotions of serving upper class.

Most of its branches are take-out counters so some customers are hesitant to buy its products and will instead go to other bakeshops where they can have stay while eating. Mercy is not also expanding its product line outside Dave. C. RED RIBBON Cakes, rolls, pastries, and meals are the products of Red Ribbon. Cakes and rolls are of different flavor and variants but mostly of chocolate. Pastries consist of different flavors of mammon, different slices of marble cake, varied numbers of poltroon, manmade, and pastilles De leech. Red Ribbon also serves spaghetti, carbon, and payable good for parties. Red Ribbon has different branches here in Dave, all inside the malls of Braze, Victoria Plaza, Gaining, SMS, and NCSC. It has stalls and stores all over the Philippines.

People can recognize its products because it is placed in public places. Red Ribbon advertises its products in the television where everyone can know and interest its products. It has a promotional activity but 9 butter mammon, get 1 free. This kind of promo is also available in emphysema, yummy cheese roll, marble slices, and other mammon variants. It also offers customization of cakes. The price to Red Ribbon is usually expensive and caters upper class market. Red Ribbon is easy to locate for its many branches. It is very convenient for the customers because they can locate it anywhere. It also offers not only cakes and pastries but also meals such as pasta, spaghetti, and other rice meals.

It lets customers customize their choice of cake. Red Ribbon doesn’t have much promotional activities and offers few flavors of cakes. It is likely limited to chocolate cakes. It has rice meals which are good but quite expensive. D. FUDGE FACTORY It offers cupcakes, brownies, chocolate bars, and pies. The box, the factory called it the Medley of Fun has 24 different kinds of brownies from dark to white chocolate, plain to frost topping with an assortment of nuts, liqueur, and even durian (what Dave city is known, for). Other than the brownies, it has an assortment of pastries eke cheese sticks, trifle, cookies and biscuits. Fudge Factory is located at 2nd floor, Braze Mall, Dave.

Fudge Factory has online pages in Faceable. It can promote products to large population of people through online. More people are hook in Faceable; thus more people will be able to know its products. There are also floggers who promote their products as they posted positive comments about Fudge Factory. Furthermore, people can connect with its website for promotions. The price of Fudge Factory is affordable and reasonable. It has 24 varieties of brownies where the customers can have wide range of hoicks. Its location can cater different types of market or customers which can be its target market or potential customers. Products are good for any occasions and best for gift giving.

Health conscious people will not likely patronize its products because they contain fat, calories, and sugar. Fudge factory also focuses on pastry sweets which make the customers thirsty and doesn’t offer any drinks. E. MARGE’S BAKESHOP Marge’s Bakeshop offers cakes, pastries, cupcakes and full meals such as steaks and other Filipino dishes. It also offers sweets such as meringues and chocolate truffles. It offers desserts too like dulcet De leech and a lot more. Its products are really top quality TTS Todd is great and it matches their pricing too. But all in all, customers can’t really Judge them at price alone because its food is really good and very good to look at. It passed the two requirements of good food: looks good and tastes good.

Marge’s Bakeshop has lots of branches all over Dave City at Accolade, Manna, Fairness, Tortes, Braze Mall of Dave, and at Banning. The branches are convenient and visible to the customers. It has online advertising through Faceable. There was a time Marge’s offered a u 1 take 1 cake promotion. Prices are somewhat in the upper class range. Products prices are expensive. Their most affordable cake goes for IPPP and it is only good for 2 persons. There are other cakes which cost for IPPP – IPPP and only good for 2 persons. Their chocolate truffles cost at PUP each. But of course, with price comes the quality of their product. It is really expensive there but it is worth every centavo customers pay for.

Marge’s Bakeshop has different branches in Dave City making more customers able to see its products. The pastries and cakes are really quality products. Its pricing is expensive; thus there are limited customers who will be able to spend their money to buy its products. The promotional activities are not that evident. The fruits made of simple sugars like fructose and sucrose that when eaten replenish energy and revivalist the body instantly. It is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to protect the colon mucous membrane by decreasing exposure time and as well as binding to cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. It is a source of antioxidant vitamin-C.

It helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful free radicals. It contains high levels of essential amino acid, thyrotrophic which in the body metabolites into serotonin and melatonin in which therapies serotonin levels that creates an over-all sense of well-being and aids in depression. Durian provides “more concentrated healthful energy in food form than any other product the world affords. Its high concentration of raw ILEC fats (and vitamin E), sulfur compounds, and soft proteins. It increases energy, endurance, mental clarity, and cellular health, good for muscle building and organ function. It has anti-aging benefits including enhancing the appearance of your skin.

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