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However, their god reassured Adam that the banishment was temporary. He promised to send messengers to Adam and these messengers would bring his guidance. Adam was reassured that those who follow their god’s guidance will have no reason to feel fear or have grief. Ii. The Question of Identity – For an Islamic, their personal identity is in relation to Allah. They fully submit to the will of Allah according to the Quern. It is this relationship to their Creator which defines, establishes and maintains their very humanity.

From Allah they derive their understanding and knowledge of what is right, what is wrong, how they came o be, who and what they are and thus the purpose of their life here on this planet. Iii. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – So what does the Creator, Allah, tell us about our purpose in life? The Quern states that mankind’s basic trust, our responsibility, is to believe in and worship Allah: “And I did not create Jinn and mankind except to worship me alone. ” (Quern, 51 :56) iv. The Question of Morality – The Salami’s Quern is not an appropriate guide of ethics or moral problems or dilemmas.

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It deals with judgments that are concrete situations. They are based on the subjective perceptions of Mohamed. He made decisions depending on the specific situation at hand. He also based his decisions, based on the uniqueness of each situation, for the advantage of Muslims. Muslims consider guide of ethics to be from Allah, and is universal and inflexible. This prohibits them from recognizing the existence of moral values and freedom of choice to make a decision according to their own conscience. V. The Question of Destiny – The Quern states: “Who has created death and life; He may test you, which of you is best n deed.

And he is exalted in might and forgiven. ” (67-2). What this is saying is that Allah tests man so that everyone can have life in the hereafter according to what they have earned. II. Part Two: Compared and contrasted against a Biblical/Christian worldview. I. The Question of Origin ?? When God created man, he did so in his own image. When man chose to disobey the word of God, he was banished from Paradise. When this occurred God told Adam and Eve that they would suffer and toil the remainder of their days as punishment for their sin. Ii. The

Question of Identity – God honored us from the very beginning. He gave us His identity. He molded us in His own hands and breathed life into us with His own breath. From that time on, we are identified with Him. When we accept His Son as our Savior, He then indwells us with His spirit. Living the Christian life allows us to become one with the Creator. Iii. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – Our purpose is to spread the word of Jesus to the ends of the world. Yes, God gives each of us meaning and purpose no matter where We may be in our Christian walk.

Just as God gave Adam and Eve purpose in the garden and Paul the responsibility to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, He gives us daily purpose as well. Iv. The Question of Morality – God not only gave the Law to Moses to spread His commands, He also gave His Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts for those who accept His Son as our Redeemer. V. The Question of Destiny – The destiny of all mankind is death. Life is for those who put their faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a free gift from the Father. For those who believe in His Son shall have everlasting life.

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