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I believe this type of management allows me to get out more out of them as they would feel as part of a team and are making a contribution to the business. Supporting them and give them control of the campaign. Describe the management task: a) that has given you most satisfaction There isn’t an actual management task that has given me full satisfaction but one that has come close is ensuring the agency are kept up-to-date with any new processes / changes and ensured it is carried out. ) that has caused you most difficulty To get the agency to a level where they can use their own initiative to think on their win which will result in the campaign / project completed in a fast manner. Setting up multiple email triggers – constantly delayed and not being notified despite a number of nudges. C) where you’ve been most dissatisfied with the result It would have to be the amount of my time that has been used up by the agency.

As I’ve tried to work on reports and strategies, I feel like I’ve always been pulled into the campaign management role to sort out issues that varies from assets missing to not fully understanding the next steps. If they were able to use their initiative, it would retainer help. Having said this, when they have used their initiative, it generally goes in the wrong direction. What management tasks are you inclined to put off? What aspects of your management performance would you most like you to improve, and for what reasons?

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I like to be more direct but not affecting the relationship with the agency Where the work rate has dropped or they have dropped the ball and trying to get the message across that they need to improve but without sounding harsh. Workshops. Choose one that is current, or looming on the horizon… Please give some brief details about yourself and your role at SEE. Include any personal or management development courses that you’ve attended in the past…

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