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It is derived from the Greek word “Christofis” Meaning the Anointed One, which in turn comes from the verb “Choir” meaning to anoint Or to smear with 011, It has exactly the same meaning as “Messiah” which Is derived from the Hebrew Mishmash meaning also the “Anointed One. ” (Felix Just PhD) According to Act 1 1 (Holy Bible)This was the first time those who believe in Jesus was called Christians, it was in Antioch a Greek speaking city in Ancient Syria at about the year 35 to 40 C. E. Holy Bible) Since the early years of Christianity, various myths, legends even conspiracy theories About the origin of the Bible, ( which has had worldwide circulation,) The coverer of many Books that was not accepted Into the Bible has only added to the speculations. There are three Major speculations to Its origin. The first Is Divine Diction- that states, in the grip of the Holy Ghost they received a divine revelation directly from God It was translated and written down Without any error.

The second Imperial Decree- this view suggests that the official and final Contents of the Bible were established by ecclesial councils order by Emperor Constantine And his successors. The third and final The Forgeries and Falsehoods- this view states that It isn’t who the actual writers purported to be. Rather, much of the new testament was written by frauds Impersonating famous and powerful charlatans of earlier generations. (All about religion. Com) Sadly, Christians have debated, disagreed and divided themselves over these questions For the most of 2000 years.

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Thus there is a bewildering number of different Christian groups, Sects, and denominations in the world today. How can we even begin to organize or understand The relationship of so many different branches? I have chosen to state the three mall branches 1 . Roman Catholicism 2. Eastern Orthodox Christianity 3. Protestantism From these there are many sub-branches and from these sub-branches there are even more Branches. How can one even start to understand them all? (Answers. Com) Who was Jesus?

After many years of seclusion at Nazareth,(approximately 30 years) He made his first appearance at the river Jordan where John the Baptist was been waiting on for so Many years the “Son of God. ” John’s reluctance to baptize Jesus (he was sinless) but Jesus stated “It is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness. ” Then Jesus traveled the countryside Teaching and performing oracles, from Nazareth to Can, during this time he chose his 12 Disciples from many followers and taught them what he knew and about his Kingdom.

His Cure of a paralytic on the Sabbath brought great persecution from the Jewish community. Christ then retired promptly to Galilee where he continued to preach and work miracles. The beginning of the year of Chrism’s teaching was quiet different than the previous Two, opposition of the Jewish leaders increased. The Jealously of his popularity had grown And Christ modified his own manner of action by appearing sees in public and devoting most Of his time in training his disciples.

However toward the end of the third year he had gone To Jerusalem for the “Feast of Tabernacles. ” Christ vigorously proclaimed his teachings and His kingdom in the face of the Jewish community. The final week of Jesus’ life, it was the most Tragic yet the most triumphal part of his life. He would travel from Bethink to Jerusalem and teach his beliefs of love, faith and respect of others this would Just inflame the already hostile Jews. He was then betrayed by one of his own disciples Dads) at where he was located at,

And brought before Pilate (Roman Governor) he was then beaten severely and brought back Before Pilate, because of the Jewish influence and the public vote Jesus was sentenced to death By crucifixion. The tomb used for his burial was only 130 feet from Calvary, on the third day He arose from the tomb and many seen him the first being one of his followers Mary Magdalene, Then was his ascension into Heaven returning to his father God, one day promising to return To collect his church with the promise of eternal life.

This is the basic story in which the faith Of Christians is based on. (Holy Bible & Religious Facts) Jesus Christ” is one of the most famous and fascinating fugues in human history, despite His humble origin as being born of a virgin (Mary) from the countryside in the Roman Empire, His short life of 33 years, his short public ministry of about 33. 5 years, and his death on the cross By means of crucifixion. He preached a message of Salvation, Love, and Care for others and Those in need. Today he is adored by people of different races, cultures and social classes.

He is The center of Christianity faith. (Holy Bible) Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world tracing its origins back nearly 000 Years, rooted in ancient eastern region of Canaan (which is Israel & Palestinian today). Within Judaism, we find stories about God’s active and ongoing presence in human affairs: the Patriarch Abraham, the great prophet Mosses, the story of the Torah (laws that have exerted Authority from biblical times onward) and the peopled whose social and religious codes Developed in response to the requirements of a single God. Ewe by choice) The term “Judaism” refers to a place: Judas. Thus, the term originally meant something Like, “the religion or way of life of the Land of Judas. The Land of Judas is one of the old Names for the homeland that the Jews believe God promised to Abraham as part of the Original covenant. Today it is defined by Webster Dictionary derived from the word Heyday meaning Judas. (answers. Com) Abraham is regarded as the founding patriarch of the Israelites (today’s Jews) and other Ancient peoples.

His story is related in the book of Genesis (Holy Bible). This is the basics of The story, God came to Abraham and he said “Here am l’ and he said ‘Take now thy son, thing Only son to Mohair and offer him as a burnt offering”. Abraham rose early and went to the Mountain God had told him to go, to offer his son to God. Abraham stretched forth his hand And took the knife to slay his son. And the angel of the LORD called unto him out of heaven And he said: ‘Here am l’ and he said: ‘Lay not thy hand upon thy lad, I know that there is a God-fearing man. The lord called a second time from heaven, saying because Abraham did not Keep his only son from the lord, that I will bless thee, and multiply thy seed as the stars in Heaven, and in thy seed all the nations of the earth be blessed. Abraham returned to Brasher. He goes from Brasher to Egypt, to a land that his son Joseph bought and was treated well By the present Pharaoh. When the Pharaoh died Abraham and his people was taken into bondage For over 450 years.

Moses came to the Pharaoh and said ‘Let my people go’ the Pharaoh refused Again and again and 10 plagues was placed upon Egypt and he released the Israelites from Bondage, But during this time Abraham had died in bondage. Then Mosses took the Israelites To Met. Sinai and went upon the mountain and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights returning with The 10 Commandments, Mosses states that ‘These are the laws we shall go by. (Holy Bible) The Hebrew Bible includes 39 books that are also included in the Protestant Christian Version of the Old Testament (holy Bible) Often the Hebrew Bible is called the Tanana, which Is an acronym for the three divisions of the Bible. The Torah which is considered the “Laws” The Nevi, the Prophets and the Ketchum, the writings. These three divisions makes up The Hebrew Bible. There are three divisions of Judaism, 1 . Orthodox- seeks to preserve classical or traditional ways and laws 2. Conservative- attempting to maintain basic traditions with adopting modern life. 3.

Reform- seeks to modernize Judaism and thus stem the tide of assimilation (Shafer Tuition ministries) Within Judaism, we find stories about God’s active and ongoing presence in human affairs: the Patriarch Abraham, the great Prophet Mosses, the story of the Torah, and much more about the People whose social and religious codes developed in response to the requirements of the single God. Practicing Jews believe that, in return for their love and obedience, God promised to Established and sustain them as His people. Both Christianity and Judaism are monotheistic religions, the belief in one God.

Christianity began as a sect of Judaism, when they believed that Jesus the “Messiah” was Born of a virgin (Mary) and walked this earth in human form, whereas Judaism does not believe In this to be true, that this is only a misconception of the religion. Both religions use a form of The Holy Bible as there sacred text’s, and they were both originally founded in the country of Israel. Both religions share a lot in common, their beliefs, texts, and the forming of one religion From the other. So what do you think? Did you get a satisfactory answer?

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