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Explain why evil and suffering may lead some people not to believe in God. The problem with this argument is that there Is no Inconsistency between God’s existence and evils’ existence. There Is no explicit contradiction, logically. In order to get an Implicit contradiction one needs a hidden assumption or assumptions that are necessarily true to produce the contradiction, and no philosopher has been able to come up with such premises.

Possibly the best premise that has been tried would go as follows an all-loving God would eliminate every evil and an all-powerful God could eliminate every evil. This assumption is essential to the atheistic argument and must be necessarily true. Second, and more to the point, it is Just not the case that an omnipotent God, all powerful, can create all logically possible worlds. In a world of free will, God’s power to actualities depends, in part, on what in fact a person would freely choose to do.

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If someone would choose to do something bad In a given situation, God cannot actualities the possible world where, given the same conditions, that person would choose not to do something wrong. This latter world may be theoretically possible but not actually achievable. Consider whether God could actualities the possible world where Adolph Hitler never started the Second World War. We know what Adolph Hitter’s free decision was, given the exact conditions leading up to his decision.

God cannot actualities the world where given those same conditions, Hitler would choose not to start the war. Even though it is a logically possible world, God’s power to actualities is limited by what in fact Hitler would choose to do. Thus, God cannot actuality any other world where Hitler would not start the war unless he did not allow Hitler his free will with respect to that decision or did not create Hitler at all. Therefore, It is Just not true that an omnipotent God can do anything, like create any possible world.

It Is entirely possible that It Is not wealth God’s power to create a world contacting moral good without that world also containing moral evil. When free moral agents are Involved It Is entirely possible that a good end could not be achieved in any other way. Christians should always obey the authorities- Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion. Give reasons why some people may disagree with you. Christians should still have to obey the authorities because even though some of he laws go against what God said they are there for a reason and should be followed by everyone.

If they did not follow the authorities then It could potentially put other people In danger, that’s why there is a law. Other people should have to suffer Just because Christians chose not to follow the law, Its not far on everyone else. If Christians did not have to follow this then other religions would think the same and there would be no point In the law. Others may disagree with me because sometimes what God has said may be better then the law and may have different outcomes

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