Celebrities in Advertising Assignment

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Some of the best known celebrities employed for advertising campaigns include…..? AND HOW MUCH THEY GOT PAVED? Nicole kidnap- channel Jessica Simpson- provocative Ian Thorpe- Uncle tabbies Tiger woods, order ferreter and ???? – Gillette shaver campaign The reason behind the popularity of celebrity advertising is the advertisers’ certainty that the brand image will be built through the use of celebrities to achieve a high extent celebrities achieve a higher degree of attention and recall for consumers, which will eventually lead to higher sales.

Although the attention benefits of using celebrity advertising to promote brand images and products are significant, so are the costs and risks There a three main techniques when using celebrity endorsements, these include creditability, Attractiveness and power. Credibility is used to the extent to which the recipient sees the source as having relevant knowledge, skill or experience and trusts the source to give unbiased, objective information. They either have an expertise persuasion technique or a trustworthiness influence as they are honest, ethical and believable.

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Attractiveness includes similarity, familiarity and likeability. Similarity is a opposed likeness between the source and the receiver Of the message, while familiarity refers to knowledge of the source through exposure. Likeability is affection for the source as a result of physical appearance, behavior or other personal traits. Some attractiveness leads to persuasion through a process of identification, whereby the receiver is motivated to seek some type of relation with the source and thus adopts similar beliefs, attitudes, preferences or behavior.

As a result of power, the source may be able to induce another person to respond to the request or position he or she is advocating. When a receiver perceives a source as having power, the influence process occurs through a process known as compliance. The upside of connecting a celebrity with a brand is that the brand literally has the face, the name and the personality of that living breathing person. The downside is that individuals are not as stable or as easily controllable as corporate entities. As fame comes and goes, so goes the brand.

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