Cause Marketing Case Assignment

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Golden Halo for cause-related marketing program, like “CM” in 2003. In which they use to give works to people. Giving Works makes it convenient for people to raise none for their favorite causes on eBay through several avenues, like: Sellers can donate a percentage of anything, and can sell anything on any percentage; they can sell up to 100 percent, and get the same fees which they demanded, buyers can add a donation to anything which they purchase.

Anyone can make an immediate cash donation; and nonprofits can sell directly to raise funds. Any person from any background can make immediate cash donation, and can sell directly without profit to raise funds. Case study no. 2 This case study is about “The Coca-Cola Company & World Wildlife Fund”. They were the winners of Halo award in the category of Best Environmental or Animal Campaign in 2012.

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As part of Coca-Cola’s “Live Positively’ sustainability initiative, the campaign “Arctic Home” was created in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WFM), to raise awareness of the polar bear’s plight and generate public funding for its protection this campaign made an initial $2 million donation to the cause and agreed to match consumer donations up to $1 million through March 15, 2012. This campaign was a full-scale, lots of marketing effort through advertisement, digital and traditional, impressive media and partners, stakeholders, company associates and customers.

Consumers were asked to text the code found on limited-edition white cans and products with white caps to make a $1 donation to Arctic Home that Coke matched up to $1 MM. Coca-Cola worked with mobile carriers to lower text donation minimum from $5 to $1 for the first time ever. In addition to the initial $MM TCL commitment, over $1. MM was directed to Arctic Home in raised donations. Question no. 2 I have selected Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan is based on Islamic values and anger here will adopt such strategies which make the consumer realize that the specific product fulfilling their basic needs by considering their religious values. For this, manager will introduce such product which relates the Islamic values to their lives such as, Bay, Hall Food, etc. In marketer’s perspective rich culture, family system, norms and values etc. Are the main sectors on which advertisement made.

Following are the advertisements which I have selected: Advertise of Row Faze: which shows the family values and love between families, and specially in the relation of father and daughter, that advertise was also shows he hot weather. Advertise of Dale Pantsuit and Oil: which shows the importance of mother in a child life. It also shows the cooking the cultural food, and also Joint family system. Question no. 3 Economic environment: The economic environment consists of factors that effect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns.

Economy effect society in aspects, like daily life routine. The economic environment changes with time period, income and consumption level of consumers are increasing day by day. Every country economic level are different from each other like some countries are industrialist, some are agricultural and so on. Like in India the life standard was very low in the past and only elite class was able to buy a car, but now a days cars are necessity to Indian society.

Due to the increase in the production and the consumption level it results in the increase of the production of the commodities. Question no. 4 Now days studies have shown a positive trend in the attitude that the meal preparation should take as little time as possible. This attitude increases the sale of the frozen foods. Because as the demand for the frozen foods increases it results in the increase of the supply and production of the frozen foods.

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