Black and Decker Corporatio(a)Marketing Managment Assignment

Black and Decker Corporatio(a)Marketing Managment Assignment Words: 325

CYWORLD CASE 1-WHY DO PEOPLE USE SOCIAL NETWORKS In my opinion: 1. It saves time. In our busy lives, making time to schedule face to face meetings doesn’t fit into our schedules. We can “catch up with one another” as time permits. 2. Meeting others with similar interests is easier. 3. As emails, addresses and cell phone numbers change throughout your life, you always have a constant place to reach someone. Using a social networking site brings like minded people together for chat, conversation, exchanging ideas, and even meeting in real life. Social networking has become an extension of “sitting around the camp fire” and discussing life events. For example, a social networking :the cyworld,facebook ect….. *Social Networking enables you to reach out to OLD friends and classamtes, relatives who migarted to other countries, and even connect to people with the same profession as yours for collaboration and discussion of ideas. makes you part of a worldwide community who come to explore technology to their advantage, whether for personal or business Purpose 2-HOW CAN YOU SEGMENT CYWORLD’S USERS??? WHICH SEGMENTS SHOULD CYWORLD TARGET??? HOW IT CAN CREATE VALUE FOR USERS IN THESE SEGMENTS??? In the case of cyworld is it more simplyfied and broken down in 3 groups of users: * the active user * the ???Buyer” who purchases content on the website, e. g. irtual items for the minihompy *the”connector” who sets him/herself apart from the others by the amount of friends/direct neighbours he/she has or with the speed his/her network is growing 3-WICH IS MOST VALUABLE FOR CYWORLD-AN ACTIVE USER,A USER WHO SPENDS A LOT OF MONEY WITH CYWORLD OR A USER WITH A LOT OF CONNECTIONS??? 4-HOW IS CYWORLD DIFFERENT FROM FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE??? HOW IS THESE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES DIFFERENT FROM OTHER LARGE WEBSITES SUCH AS AMAZON,YAHOO,OR YOUTUBE??? 5-WHAT SOULD BE CYWORLD’S BUSINESS MODEL _PAID ITEMS,MOBILE NETWORKING,OR ADVERTISING??? SHOULD CYWORLD EXPLORE ANY OTHER AREAS OF OPPORTUNITY???

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