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Design – The research will capitalize on the strengths of tot qualitative research and quantitative research, to examine the effect of: Price, Friendliness of Personnel, Variety of menu, Service speed, calorie content, Business hours, convenience, Delivery service, and Cleanliness on the perceived “Service quality’ and “Brand Image”. Syndicated data will be used to form the foundation of the questionnaire and support/contrast the hypothesis put in Step: 2 of the research design.

While Qualitative research is the form of “Observational Stuff will be conducted to get insight about customers’ reaction toward the factors mentioned earlier. Finally, Quantitative research is the form of “Self-administered Survey In a “Mall-intercept” context. Findings ; Recommendation – The fast food industry Is booming despite the current economic downturn, Wendy shouldn’t miss such opportunity by expanding its presence in the market; and perhaps to new market; as well as by introducing new offerings to satisfy it customer/acquire new ones.

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On the other hand, Wendy shall continue to strengthen its brand image and emphasis on the customer’s preferences to form a favorable image that support Its business. It Is also Important to grasp the apparatuses through which brand Image Impacts nonuser buying intention of fast food. Limitations – Limited number of questions can be asked allowing little for the researched to know about their audience which can be enhanced through further research to get supplementary information for the subject matter.

Hence the findings of this report may not apply to the whole population being studied before the necessary adjustments. Also some trends or important factors may be missed because of the emphasis on the hypothesis testing rather than examining the numerous possibilities. Finally, participants often are not selected randomly rather the selection Is easily Influenced by the researcher’s arsenal biases. Furthermore, the issues of anonymity may affect respondent feed- back. Table of Content Executive Summary 2 Table of Content 3 1. Introduction 4 Background 5 2. . Literature Review 6 Methodology 7 4. 5. Questionnaire 12 Anticipated Outcome 17 6. Recommendations for the Client 19 7. 9. Conclusion 21 10. References 22 1. Introduction The global economic down turn which started in 2008 has hit many industries very hard forcing many companies into bankruptcy and others toward severe restricting. Fast-food industry, however, has been resilient to these effects in fact it has been rather growing and expected to continue on the same trend in one of the most competitive industries world-wide.

Lower spending patterns along with more cautious and sophisticated customers are considered the main reasons behind such drift also fueled by vigorous marketing campaigns of the fast food companies (Sapphic, 2010). Emerging markets has been leading the way of the fast food industry growth. For instance, China’s food industry grew 25% in 2010 only. Supported by the emergence of bigger middle class segment and therefore higher level of disposable income the industry is expected to grow similarly (Recommendations. Mom, 2011).

Having said that, some developing markets are also growing on a similar pace, in fact Domino’s increased its outlets in the I-J around 20% in 2009 only, and likewise Subway grew its number of restaurants by almost 26 % in 2009 alone. As per Local Data Company’s: “the 10 biggest cities, fast-food outlets soared by 8. 2 % to around 1 ,500 premises, with London, Edinburgh and Glasgow leading the way’ (Thompson, 2009). “US Fast Food Market Outlook 2011-2014” also emphasized the important of fast food and its growth potential that exceeds the growth of overall restaurant industry.

It also focused on the propensity of many food companies to push into new markets in the global scale to increase their profits. (RONDOS E-Services Private Limited, 2011). The competition in the fast food industry has always led companies to search for alternative ways to increase their sales; or sometimes only eager to keep up with other company’s’ intense advertising campaigns, most; if not all; of these has been the result of extensive research into the main factors that affect Customers buying decision process and customer’s preferences, and ‘Service quality’ and Brand image and their influence on customers buying pattern.

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