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Advertisement today consists of all kinds of fun. For example, if you vacate through the Internet, you’ll always find ads to the left, right, bottom, top, or pop ups that come up. On those ads, they always consist of some type Of game, a “Play to win! ” sign glowing and flashing in your face, almost like the boulevard in Vegas. To me, these types of ads tend to capture the older crowd and the younger crowd ages of 4-16 years old. It may consist of for example Disney characters playing around having fun advertising how fun it could be going to Disneyland for the younger crowd.

As for the older crowd, the ad could consist of products or services that could make ‘life easier and enjoyable” by going on a cruise or a vacation. Another example that “fun” plays a role in advertising is for example in a Vegas commercial, a boxing match, or simply the Long Beach Grand PRI. The main key that attracts people are the sexual acts that are shown on these ads. For example, in a boxing match, the girls who are holding up the scoreboards or the round boards, they are usually dressed in a two-piece outfit with logos, usually an alcohol brand, printed on their bikini top and bottom front and back.

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The goal is to have these women be beautiful to the public and expose homeless as much as they can and try to seduce people with their looks and sexual walks into buying something. Usually Vegas commercials show women exposing themselves holding platters serving alcohol to customers. The same thing goes with commercials that advertise their cars, they always tend to have a women sitting next, in, or on the car in a sexual manner. Another form that advertising stays on track with keeping the public entertained is by following the trend of the people.

In this generation, things get old pretty quick, so it’s sort of difficult to stay on top of what’s “in”, or in there words, what trend people are following. A perfect example is musicians. For the past year, today’s generation have been dressing up in a hipster way, with slim straight jeans, flannels, business man haircuts, or what they call it today, “comb oversees” or “parted hair”. This is a recycled trend that was “in” many years ago. Today, most musician artists tend to dress this way and people like what they see.

As far as hair products, new hair products have come out that came out because of this trending haircut. New products as far as Laurite, Suaveness, and other water-based products that basically topped he original Murray or BeesWax pomade that was used back in the days. These new products are being advertised online heavily by showing off these really neat and precise haircuts done. Products and fashion clothing are another perfect example of how fun takes place in advertising them.

If young ever noticed, water companies like Disdain or Arrowhead tend to advertise their products more during the summer. If you pay attention to a bus, you’ll see attractive women pouring the drink all over her face, attempting to give off the replenishing feeling of cold fresh water. Another example would be the way commercials advertise their shampoo products or hair coloring products. When they show the women washing their hair, it looks very replenished and natural; meanwhile they swing their hair back and forth showing off their outcome of the hair by using the product their advertising for.

Another perfect example of how fun plays a role in advertisement is a Six Flags commercial or even a State Farm commercial. If I was to dress up as the old man that comes out dancing from the bus for Halloween, its almost guaranteed that someone will know who am trying to dress up as. The old man in the commercial makes it kick fun by riding reallocates and dancing around a crowd of happy visitors. The old man also portrays an almost subliminal message saying that all ages are welcomed to the theme park.

As for the State Farm insurance commercial, if was to walk around school and say, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! ” a good handful of people would know what I’m talking about. In the commercials, normally starts out by the people who are insured are in some kind of trouble, and then they hug each other, and appear back into the insurance office. This is a humor tragedy that gets people’s attention. If commercials were dull and boring, people wouldn’t pay attention.

In today’s date, while watching TV, commercials between shows have to be “fun”, otherwise the viewers would just wander off and come back until their show airs back on. Another way advertisement has taken over is by putting ads on cellophane applications, social websites, etc. For example, Instating and Backbone are popular social websites that are trending today. When an ad comes up on Instating, it better be “fun”, otherwise people will comment on the video talking about how the ad shouldn’t be on their newsfeed.

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