Advertising Decisions Assignment

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Non personal indicates that advertising incorporates media such as, radio television, and magazines to transmit messages, the company also must be attached to a sponsor for instance a company who are going to persuade consumers to arches the products being advertised. It is difficult to make generalization since advertising has many forms and uses. According to Shims AT. (1 990), the following characteristics can be noted. Public presentation – advertising public nature confers a kind of legitimacy on the product and also suggests a standardized offering.

Because many people get the same message, buyers know that the motives for purchasing the product will be publicly understood. Persuasiveness – advertising permits the seller to repeat a message many times. It allows the buyer to receive and compare messages of various monitors; large scale size, power and success. Amplified expressiveness advertising provides opportunities for dramatist’s the company and its product through the artful use of print, sound and color. Impersonality ?? the audience does not feel obligated to pay attention or respond to advertising. Advertising is monologue in front of, not a dialogue with the audience. . 2 Functions According to Shims A. T (1990), the following are some of the functions of advertising: Informing advertising makes consumers aware of new products features, benefits, new brands, and prices of products. Through informing it reaches many people and facilitates the introduction of new products and increase the demand for the existing products. Persuading it persuades customers to try advertised products. It influences both the primary and secondary demand of goods and services. Reminding, it keeps the company’s brand fresh in the consumers’ memory. Adding value, advertising adds value by influencing consumers’ perceptions.

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It causes brands to be viewed as elegant, more stylish, and more prestigious to competitive offerings. Through the vicarious modeling, models are used who influence or create long term receptions about particular brands. This serves as encouragement to consumers when making decisions on which goods they should purchase. Assisting other company efforts, advertising is used as vehicle for delivering sales promotion; that is advertisements are the vehicles for delivery. Advertising also assists sales representatives, and enhances the results Of other marketing communication.

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