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Development of advertisement ; 1 . Population expanded rapidly – fewer workers in agricultural sector because of improved machinery and more job in industrial sector with better wages. ; 2. Improved transport system. Movement of goods more efficient. ; 3. Mass production leading to mass marketing. ; 4. Great expansion in printing. Advertisement as a business ; The commercial potential of advertising in a growing number of newspapers and periodicals was quickly grasped by many of the prospering business. These many advertisers placing advertisement in a wide range of media waited only for the third partner to come into being – the advertising agencies. ; Newspaper could and did sometimes survive thou advertisement revenue but increasingly became dependent on it. Advertising agencies cannot survive on their own. The real basis of the rapidly growing business was the advertiser who financed it By mid of last century, there were some obvious change in the advertisement columns – growing division between manufacturing and retailing.

Retailing division grew using newspaper as the media. The developments taking place over the centuries but with increasing pace, have produced a complex and highly sophisticated business. Criticism on advertisement ; It is a waste of money that would better spent n price reduction or product improvement. ; It encourages people to spend money, they can ill afford. ; It frequently appeals to the less attractive emotions such as envy. ; The sheer weight of advertising forces people to buy things they do not need. The positive of advertisement ; Customers have the power to choose. Customers have more spending power. Industry offer a wide variety based on customer taste and affordability. ; Advertisement only creates an interest. If the product purchased is not good, they will not buy the second time. ; It is cheap and spreads the product information rapidly. What advertisement does? ; Advertising… Attempts to inform and persuades a large number of people with a single communication. Kenneth -a Longhand (1971) Definition ; Advertising delivers controlled messages to many people, simultaneously and at a low cost per message.

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Advertising comes in so many forms and carries out so many different tasks that the common factor may not be obvious. Categories of advertising D personal O local ‘classified’ D manufacturer’s consumer D retailer Trade њ industrial (B to B) D corporate O government Summary ; Advertising in one form or another has been round since the beginning of civilization. ; Advertisement started to develop as the industrial revolution took place. ; During this period there emerged three parties in advertisement biz: advertisers, media and agencies.

Their category is more evident at the present times. ; The advertisement scene gets increasingly complex as electronic media developed and advertisement was used for a wide range of prod cuts. ; While some argue that advertisement is wasteful economically and socially undesirable which is not agreed by all as it depends ultimately on judgments of how people think of it. What advertising is? Advertising comes in so many forms and carries out so many different tasks that the common factors may not be obvious. They are however very simple. Many Categories of Advertising. Because of it’s ability to deliver messages cheaply and effectively, it is very widely used in many different ways. ; Personal advertising buys space in newspaper to sell their personal items, to locate owners of lost pets, to announce the birth or wedding of someone. Categories of advertising. ; “Classified” advertising Major part of advertisement concerning with jobs, sale of used vehicles, properties. It uses a standard format with limited words for payment package. It is called classified because the advertisement is divided under different headings.

Categories Of advertisement ; Manufacturers Consumer Advertisement. Most of the people in general with link advertising with this type of advertisement. These advertisements are glossy, repeated several times usually shown on TV. This an effective channel for manufacturers to be in direct link with the consumers. It covers food, new vehicles, drinks, toiletries and leisure goods, clothing and tobacco. Categories of advertisement Retailer advertisement With the birth of large scale retailers mad large retail chains, the retailers are advertising heavily, some having their own ‘brand’.

Customer loyalty is increasingly to retailers rather than to manufacturers. ; Industrial Advertisement ( B to 8) It is aimed at a much smaller group and appears in a specializes media. Advertising includes goods and services for commerce, factories, government & other institutions like schools, hospitals and hotels. Purchase is not for individual use but for commercial purpose and bought in bulk. Categories of Advertisement Corporate Advertisement This advertisement is to sell products but to tell the public what the company stands for.

The objectives are: to give added value to the products to create people’s trust and enjoy dealing with the company. To encourage public to think well of the company. Categories Of advertisement. ; Government advertisement The advertisement is alert the public on several issues for the good of the country. It includes C recruitment such as police, nurse,teachers њ consumer advertisement -Manias railways,Manias Airlines. C cause advertisement like safety, seat belts. Financial and savings Banks, insurance companies, building societies advertise their services Including company’s annual reports.

Encourage savings and take up insurance. ; Charity and educational Charity bodies advertise to raise funds. It creates awareness among the members of the public about less fortunate ones. Chapter 2 ; The development of an appropriate advertising strategy is essential to good advertising. By Edmund W. J. “A Behavioral Approach for Managers” Determining the role of advertising ; How do we select the appropriate role of DVD. In a particular situation? This is done b y asking questions such: – Whom do we need to communicate with – What do we need to tell them – How can we best get our message to them.

The answers to these questions will come naturally as we prepare the marketing plan. The need for planning ; Advertising must be a planned activity. Therefore We have to construct questions that are of greater depth such as: o What is the objective of advertising in this particular situation. o Who are our target audience o what is the message we want to convey o What is the best medium o What is the best timing o What is the best timing and frequency How much to spend 0 How to express the message most effectively One problem with advertising is the cost is obvious but the gains are not very clear.

However this can be minimized if the objectives are clear. It has to be quantified. Influence of advertisement ; An increase in sales may or may not be the influence of advertisement as there are many factors that may have an impact on sales. ; However advertising has a value in making the customer more receptive and the salesman’ task easier. ; It is this change in receptiveness we must try to measure. The Importance campaigns Sometimes a single advertisement for a specific time is acceptable egg.

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