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The ads boasted that Ivory soap was “99. 44/100 percent pure” and encouraged people to tell the company what they thought about the product. Before long, P&G’s Cincinnati headquarters was deluged with responses from satisfied Ivory Soap users. Thus, a modern advertising giant was born. For decades, P;G has been among the world’s leading advertisers (its SSL . 7 billion advertising spending in 1 999 ranked second only to General Motor’s). In 1933, created the radio soap opera as a icicle to promote its Godly brand laundry detergent.

In a typical 15-minute program, the name Godly was mentioned about two dozen times. Within a year, sales of the product had doubled. In the sass, P;G turned to television and was sponsoring 1 3 nationally televised soap operas by the middle of that decade. By the 1 9705, characters from P;G ads had become pop culture icons. You may remember Mr.. Whipped, who pleaded with shoppers not to squeeze the Charming, or Rosier the waitress, who always ad a roll of Bounty towels to clean up any spill.

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A 1985 survey showed that 93% of female shoppers recognized the smiling face of Mr.. Clean while only 56% could identify then Vice President George Bush. Statement of the problem: When an analysis is done carefully, they may find a need to do more TV, more traditional media, not less? Reaction: P;G is popular in our country because of their strong advertisements. P;G has been among the world’s leading advertisers. Their very careful with its ad placement, taking avoid controversial arrogating this tactics help lead to the top and become very successful.

P&G must continue advertising using TV ads because it may help them to get customers attention and increase more profits. Advertising a product is very helpful to a company, it can attract customers the products you are selling. Advertising helps increase of the product by showing the positive image of the product which in turn helps convincing the customer to buy it. Mass media is very important, it makes your product popular.

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