Advertising and Promotion8 Assignment

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Your position in an X organization is advertising and promotion manager for brands Y and Z and currently you are preparing a complete marketing campaign which requires a comprehensive plan for both brands , including details of each step, cost , time frame and all the internal and external parties( agencies ) involve in executing the plan . Tasks Required 1-Explain the structure, role and relationships between parties in the communications industry? This should be done by identifying all parties of the communication process . – Identify current trends in advertising and promotion and evaluate their impact in general and for both brand Y and Z 3- By understanding the effect of such advertising campaign on customers, use models to assess the impact of advertising and promotion on customer behavior . 4- Explain and demonstrate how advertising can be designed to differentiate, remind, inform and persuade. 5- evaluate appropriate uses and applications for advertising in two given situations . – evaluate the role, organization and functions of agencies in the advertising process . 7- differentiate between the characteristics and objectives of the various below-the-line promotional techniques. 8- recommend the use of individual techniques in two commercial situations. 9- explain the principles and process of campaign management? 10- combine appropriate techniques into an integrated and cost-effective campaign . 11- present promotion recommendations in the form of a promotion plan. 2- suggest appropriate measures for assessing campaign effectiveness. In terms of sales increase or better awareness of brands etc . identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions for both brands in terms of advertising. Make sure that relevant theories and techniques have been applied effective judgments have been made By planning and conducting the whole plan the student should be able to Demonstrate capacity for innovation and creative thinking .

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