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The ad agency is independent from the liens. It provides the viewers or customers with an ‘outside’ point of view to the effort of selling the products or services. The dedicated agency is also equipped to handle all the overall marketing and brand strategies and organize the necessary sales promotional campaigns for clients, when and as required. Today, the typical ad agency clients include various small, medium and big businesses and corporate, a number of non-government organizations and even government agencies.

The ad agencies may be hired to produce single ads or the more common and trendy, series of related ads, offered to as the advertising campaign. There is a lot of competition today in the number of dedicated goods and services offered within the various industries and the consumer market and the shelf life of the product or service is defined by the success achieved in sales, on account of successful advertising. Chitchats & Chitchats is an advertising firm which is working in India and they also have their one branch in lower apparel.

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Advertising is the means of information as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral message. Chitchats & Chitchats Chitchats is their core focus was reiterative so they also made a conscious decision to substantially improve upon the quality of their work. Chitchats &Saatchi is The Indian CEO – Kamala Bass National Creative Director- Ramadan Starry National planning Director – Scarabs Mishear Executive Vice President- Nanny Corroboratory The Indian SCOFF – Nail Vera Chitchats & Chitchats is a worldwide ad agency. They have some worldwide clients they are as follows.

A) Procter and Gamble- 1) Head & shoulder 2) Ariel 3) Lola 4) pampers B) Maidenhair Renault 1) Logan car C) General Mills – 1) Pillsbury data D) ICC Bank 1) Home Loans E) Cox & Kings – 1) Travel F) Data Tea – l) Tell Chitchats & Chitchats had launched many products; some of them are as follows. 1) Handy Santos 2) Logan Car 3) TV’S Motorcycle The company is working as an advertising agency. They have many departments in one company to work well. And they also have their own working style. They have 4 important functions or department for efficient work process. They are as follows. ) Client servicing:- This department is mainly looks after for services to their clients. This department comes first. Because this department tells the clients that what they can do for them. They inform them that they have many types of offers and advertising types. This department informs them that which type of advertisement will help them. Then client selects one from that. 2) Creative: The creative department is deals with creative and innovative ideas and suggestions for making extraordinary advertisements. The company recruits some creative peoples for this department.

The creative departments inform the clients that they can publish their products by many interesting ways. In this department they make creative ads in two forms i. E. Print ad, & TV ad. But in creative manner. 3) Film Department:- The film department is the department in which the TV ads are made. This apartment appoints a person who takes care of it. They also appoints director who is special in this type of advertise. After that they select locations & actors or models for the advertisement. And finally they made an ad film. 4) production Department:- This department helps another departments by providing them financial resources.

This department also works on print ad. This department prepares layouts for various types of advertisements. The production department prepares the ads as per the customer requirements. So these are the main departments which helps the company to makes the creative ads in an efficient manner. The Chitchats & Chitchats had won the following awards:- ABBEY CANNES AGO FEAST CLIO CHITCHATS & CHITCHATS A) Share Holding:- Chitchats Worldwide- 100% B) No. Of Employees: Creative Department-64; Client Servicing-41; production-32; Account Planning-6; management, admit. Insane-36; C) Specialized Units:- Chitchats Focus-28; Celsius 100-4 D) Divisions:- Chitchats Focus; Celsius 100 E) Key Accounts:- P; Maidenhair Renault; Sony Ericson; TV’S; Evidence; Brat Petroleum; Mother Dairy; General Mills; Innovators; Cox & Kings; Beta India; Data Tea; HP; MICRO; ICC Bank HISTORY George Runnel, an officer at the London Gazette, set up what is believed to e the first advertising agency in London, united Kingdom, in 1812. This remained a family business until 1993, as Runnel & Son, and is now part of the T PM Worldwide agency (UK and Ireland) trading under the brand TAMP Runnel. Citation needed] Volley B. Palmer opened the first American advertising agency, in Philadelphia in 1850. This agency placed ads produced by its clients in various newspapers produce “photographs, Ambrose and daguerreotypes. His ads were the first whose typeface and fonts were distinct from the text of the publication and from that of other advertisements. At hat time all newspaper ads were set in agate and only agate. His use of larger distinctive fonts caused a sensation. Later that same year Robert Banner ran the first full-page ad in a newspaper.

In 1864, William James Carlton began selling advertising space in religious magazines. James Walter Thompson joined this firm in 1868. Thompson rapidly became their best salesman, purchasing the Company in 1877 and renaming it the James Walter Thompson Company, which today is the oldest American advertising agency. Realizing that he could sell more space if the company provided the service of evolving content for advertisers, Thompson hired writers and artists to form the first known Creative Department in an advertising agency.

He is credited as the “father of modern magazine advertising” in the US ROOTS Chitchats & Chitchats has grown from a start-up advertising agency in London in 1970 to a global creative communications company headquartered in New York, with 150 offices in 86 countries. Chitchats & Chitchats is part of the Publics Grouper, the world’s fourth largest communications group We are a full service, integrated communications network. We’re in the business of getting people to fall in love with our clients’ products and revises.

Through our creative ideas across all media and all disciplines, we set out to turn brands into Lovers which, unlike brands, generate loyalty beyond reason. You can see our work here. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to differentiate and motivate. And to change the world for the better. To get some idea Of the range Of disciplines we work in, go to Chitchats & Chitchats X, the shopper marketing experts, and Chitchats & Chitchats S, our groundbreaking sustainability and True Blue offering LOVERS Lovers thinking is the unique way we look at the relationships people have with products, services and entities.

Lovers are the future beyond brands because they inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason. They’re also capable of generating sustainable growth beyond normal expectations. We have a highly developed, formal methodology for raising brands to Alveolar status. At its core are the five key steps which make up the ‘Path to Love’. These are, DISCOVERY, EXPLORING, INSPIRATION, ATTRACTION and EVALUATION. The ‘Path to Love’ is driven by insight and by the emotionally engaging ideas we generate for our clients at the INSPIRATION step.

The definition of a Alveolar is ‘a product, service or entity that inspires Loyalty Bandoleers’. There’s every chance you have a number of Lovers in your life. Products, restaurants, holiday destinations, musicians, radio stations, n. ‘ shows, writers, artists, sports teams, breeds of dog. Just a few of the entities that have the potential tobesomeone’sLovemark. You don’t just like them. You love them. Unconditionally. You really care about them and they’re major priorities in your life. They make you feel that way because they’re mysterious, sensual and intimate.

Something mere brands simply are not. When you’re shopping, you search out your Lovers, accepting no substitutes. If it’s ever necessary, you will forgive our Lovers. Because it’s love. And the reason Lovers work like this? It’s simply that the vast majority of human beings are powered by emotion, not by reason. You’d be surprised, perhaps, when we say that Lovers are owned by the people who love them. Not by the manufacturers who have a legal claim only on the name. But the name-owners, the clients of the The Lovers Company, are not unhappy about this.

As we’ve said, Lovers inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason, which blesses them with the ability to create and sustain growth, and to justify a premium price. Who would be upset by that? However, you might hind the current tough times are not good times for Lovers. Perhaps you’d expect people to be hunting for bargains, cut prices and cheap options. But no. Instead, people are searching for value. They’re seeking integrity and substance over the faddish and the price-slashed. Which means they re looking for Lovers, because Lovers are certainties.

They represent true value. So the reality is that even in the toughest, most illogical times, the focus of The Lovers Company ?? ‘to fill the world with Lovers’ – makes perfect sense. And we have a highly developed, formal methodology to make t possible WHAT WE BELIEVE? Most companies have a mission statement. We don’t. Instead, we have a Purpose, with these components: Our Inspirational Dream To be revered as the hothouse for world changing ideas that create sustainable growth for clients. Our Focus To fill the world with Our Spirit Lovers.

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