Contrast Between Anishinaabe And Iroquois Mythology Assignment

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Two main tribes’ mythology, Insatiable and Iroquois although had a very similar respect and love for the Earth, as well as a belief I a Great Spirit, had points of contrast be;en their myths and legends: their use of a main protagonist, their relevance Of peace and war, and the role and importance a animals played in their legends and myths. These differences between their stories will I help distinguish the two sets of myths apart. Firstly, one point of contrast between Insatiable and Iroquois mythology, is their use of a main protagonist.

In Insatiable mythology, there is an import ant figure named Anabases (as well as Anabolic, Wisecrack, Nabob’s, Ambush , Whisk, and several other differences in spelling and pronunciation), a human who WA sent by Kitchen Amanita, The Great Spirit, to teach the Insatiable people how to live, similar to Colossal and Nap in Algonquin legends. Anabases is extremely relevant in Insatiable mythology, and is present or at least mentioned in many of their stories. Although Anabases achieved many things in his lifetime, he was still human, accidents took place.

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Fortunately, these accidents helped explain the creation of many parts of their land and aspects of their life. In comparison, in Iroquois mythology ago, there is no mention of a main protagonist, or any constant human figure. One example e would be in the Insatiable story of The First Butterflies in Insatiable mythology. The story begins with two twin humans who were cared for by animals, but the animals worried because the children were not able to walk and play like the other ann. malls.

Then, the story suddenly turned to Anabases, who after playing with the child Rene, explains wisely that the children can not walk because the animals cared too much for the children, and didn’t let the children do anything for themselves. The story goes on, and Anabases creates, with the help of Kitchen Amanita, the first Butterflies, t o help the children learn to walk, when trying to catch them. This shows how Gnashing mythology uses a main protagonist, Anabases, to resolve a conflict that origin ally did not involve him.

Also, in the Insatiable story of Anabases and the Giant Beaver, Anabases was quarreling with Hauberk, the Giant Beaver. With the help of his grandmother, Noncoms, they realized Hauberk ended up creating a giant dam between what we now know as Lake Huron and Lake Superior, which ends up toppling down. Even though Noncoms almost caught Hauberk, the Beaver manage d to break free of her grasp when the dam fell down. Anabases ends up saving the e day by making peace with Hauberk.

This shows how Insatiable made their maim protagonist be the one that resolves the conflict. On the other hand, in Iroquois mythology, there are no legends shown with a recurring hero. Instead, Iroquois mythology used each other to resolve against difficult conflict. An example wow old be in the Iroquois story of the Three Brothers Who Followed the Sun, three brothers decided to walk to the edge of the earth, where the sky comes down and touches the water.

When they got there, the eldest brother got crushed by the sky when it came down. The brother’s spirit along with the father of the Bathyscaphe’s appeared and vided the brothers to purify their bodies in the Bathyscaphe’s. After purification, the brothers gained supernatural speed, strength, and were unable to get killed b y weapons or disease. The two younger brothers wished to be in the upper world with the Eire eldest brother and were eventually struck by lightning and killed, granting their wish.

This story is one of the many examples of how the Iroquois legends did not use a main protagonist in their stories. In this story, these brothers traveled to the edge of the Earth with each other, not alone, and did not reappear in other stories, unlike Anabases in An Shania’s mythology. This shows how a main difference between Iroquois and Gnashing Abe legends, are their use of a main protagonist. Moreover, another point of contrast been Insatiable and Iroquois mythology, is the relevance Of war and peace.

It seems as though in the Iroquois legends, they speak of living in peace quite often, but end up fighting and bat ling, but in Insatiable myths, they don’t talk about living in peace, yet they rarely engage battles and war. An example would be in the Iroquois story Dedication and Hiawatha “A second man said, ‘There is strife in our village’ When you go back,’ Dedication told them, ‘you will find that peace prevails, because the good Tidings of Peace and Power have come to the people. You will find strife removed..

From the Iroquois story Sodas the Woman Chief . All the tribes spoke one language and lived in harmony and peace. ” These two excerpts show how the Iroquois talked about living in peace. Unfortunately, peaceful is not necessarily the right description for the Iroquois s in many of their legends. One example is in the Iroquois myth about The Twelve Brothers and Their Uncle, Diagnose went “As they came to the women, the uncle said, ‘We must kill these women. They wanted to make him laugh, but he called out, ‘Fall and be bones! The women were enraged by the words and tried to spit at the old uncle, but he repeated the words and the third time he said them both women rolled off the e rock and as they fell their bones made a noise like the pouring of many shells. ” This along with other stories including Dedication and Hiawatha , where a young girl gets trampled to death, shows how the Iroquois tribe were quite vi lent in their legends, as much as they talked about peace and harmony. In contrast, t Insatiable tribe rarely talked about peace and harmony, but instead lived in ace and harmony.

An example would be in the Insatiable story of Anabases and the Giant Beaver, where Anabases and a Giant Beaver named Hauberk were quarreling for many months, but in the end made peace and became friends: “Anabases laughed. He cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted: . Com back, Hauberk, come back! ‘ You are too cunning for me to catch. Let us m sake peace and let us be friends. Want to have you as a friend. ‘ And so Hauberk returned to the north country and became the friend of Anabases and old Noncoms. This shows how even though in Insatiable mythology, they rarely talked ABA UT living in peace, but ended up living in peace, opposite to the Iroquois who wow old often talk about living in peace in their legends, yet live in violence. This proves the contrast between the relevance of peace and war in Iroquois and Insatiable stories. Stats, a point of contrast between Insatiable and Iroquois mythology is the role and importance of animals and other objects. In Insatiable legends, the e animals seem just as capable as humans, and have the ability to do many things human ins can do, including the ability to talk.

In Iroquois myths, the animals seem just the s name as we notice them today. Examples would be in the Insatiable stories, Giant Beaver, The First Butterflies, How the Bat Came to Be. The story about Anabases and the Giant Beaver includes a talking beaver who was just as cunning and tireless as Anabases. The story included a talking bear, who was also smart enough to take care of two young human twins. The story of How the Bat Came to Be had a talking squirrel, a talking bear, a talking eagle, and a talking sun who could grant wishes.

More examples of the roles of animals in Insatiable myth holy are how they do not use before naming the species Of the animal. Instead, they eave out the determiners and capitalize the first letter of the species. An ex. ample would be in the Insatiable legend How the Bat Came to Be “sun has gotten lost,’ said Eagle. ‘We must look for him. ‘ said Bear. ” Notice how there are no determiners before Sun, Eagle, Bear , and the first letter of each animal and object are capitalized, just like how they would treat humans in writing and in speech.

I think this shows that the Insatiable tribe respected animals just as much as humans, not only in what the animals were doing in the story, but how they told the story. On the contrary, the Iroquois legends did not include anima alls as often as humans and mostly used animals in stories when they were hunting. An example would be in the Iroquois story of The Twelve Brothers and Their Uncle, Diagnose “They became the birds he mentioned, horned owls, hawks, crows and woodpeckers..

In comparison to the Insatiable legends, all the animal species names start with a lowercase letter. If this segment was written in Insatiable mythology, each animal name would most like be capitalized. Furthermore, in the Iroquois store sees Dedication and Hiawatha Sodas the Woman Chief, they both include animals in their stories for no other reasons but for hunting. This shows the d preferences f the roles and importance of animals between Iroquois and Insatiable leg ends.

In conclusion, although the strong similarities between these two mythologies might lead you to believe they are virtually the same, their their use of a main protagonist, their relevance of peace and war, and the role and importance a played in their legends and myths set them apart. Hundreds of years ago, that t was what they believed in. Now, it is fascinating and entertaining literature. Reading the SE two sets of myths make for an enjoyable time, but being able to distinguish the two o apart bring your understanding of the legends to a whole new level.

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