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We arena In an Information age, we are In an entertainment age. “-Tony Robbins. The SEGUED school board wants to get rid of “Mythology” By Edith Hamilton claiming that the myths are “pointless” because no one believes them anymore: however mythology is very important to our English 9 Honors curriculum! The myths provide entertainment to us, students. Three myths that show entertainment are: Odysseus’ adventure to Circle’s realm, The Trojan Horse, and Twelve Labors of Hercules.

It is Lear that Mythology In fact Is not pointless, yet It’s purpose Is to entertain us. Odysseus’ adventure to Circle’s realm Is a perfect myth that shows entertainment. After the Trojan war Odysseus and his crew docked on an island not knowing it was the home of Circe, a magical sorceress. Circe then took some of Odysseus’ men and turned them into pigs. She was known for turning men into beast. Hermes then came along and gave a herb to Odysseus to resist Circle’s magic and it worked!

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Circe then falls in love with Odysseus following his order to free his men. Hamilton states in the myth “… Odysseus dispatched to spy out the land, and there she changed them Into swine… Yet Inside they were men aware of their vile state, but completely in her power. (307)” “He [Hermes] told Odysseus he knew of a herb which could save him from Circle’s deadly art. ” As a result, this myth shows entertainment because it has humor, like when Odysseus’ men are turned to pigs. It also has a happy ending, and who doesn’t love happy endings?

Likewise The Trojan Horse also provides evidence of entertainment. Instead of using bronze Odysseus used brains. He wanted the Trojan to draw the horse Into he city so that at night his army could go Inside and open the gates to the city so that all of troy would be executes. The trot]an horse was described to be huge as written: “In front of the Scan Gates stood an enormous figure of a house, such a thing as no one had ever seen an apparition so strange that it was vaguely terrifying. 282)” This myth Is entertaining because It shows a very Important lesson, that in war bronze Isn’t everything. It takes smarts and strategy to defeat the enemy. Finally, the Twelve Labors of Hercules; when Hercules killed his family he felt so ad and guilty for what he did so Restructures gave him tasks known as “the Labors of Hercules”. Hercules agreed to the task to some how make up for what he had done. There were twelve tasks and all were very difficult. “What can I do but die? ” Hercules cried. Live? A branded mans, for all to say, ‘Look. There he is who killed his wife and sons! ” Everywhere my Jailers, the scorpions of the tongues. (231)” This myth Is things, but we can also be courageous and heroic as long as we have the will power to do so. This myth also provides action, acts of pity, and love. Mythology is important to our curriculum because it provides us entertainment. An entertaining book like Hamiltonians Mythology engages us students to be passionate about our writing.

Odysseus’ adventure to Circle’s realm shows us comedy. The Trojan Horse shows us its not always bronze that wins the fight, that you must use your brain as well. The Twelve Labors of Hercules shows us that although we make mistakes we can also become a better person because of them. All these entertaining myths can help inspire our writing, so now I ask do you really think its a good idea to take mythology out of the English 9 Honors curriculum?

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