The Impact of Globalization on Small and Large Corporations Assignment

The Impact of Globalization on Small and Large Corporations Assignment Words: 420

I was born in a country that is considered a third world country. As a child it never dawned on me that there were so many underprivileged people around me. That’s the beauty of being a kid; you never quite look at your surroundings the same as an adult. I grew up with every fruit that you could name being cultivated right in my back yard. We had apples, orange, lime, mangoes, plum, banana, and anything else that you could imagine. I remember seeing my aunt go into our backyard to our little chicken coop for fresh eggs. I remember her buying fresh milk from the milk man right from the cow), how likely is that now?

Computers are replacing people making it easier for companies in a developing country to do more work at a cheaper cost. Farmers in undeveloped countries can’t compete with big machines. It’s easier for third world countries to import things in rather than utilizing their own resources. This brings me to my comparison of two large corporation Kraft foods and Hansen. Kraft food group is one of the largest consumer packaged food and beverage company in North America (Kraft Foods group 2013). Kraft is a well known name in any American household. The company carries 27 different brands.

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On their group website the company states that, 80% of their sales are in categories where they hold the #1 or # market position. This company clearly wants to monopolize the industry they are in. It seems to me that they are doing a good Job of that with 98% of Americans having at least one of the brands in their pantry (Kraft Foods Group 2013). That is a powerful statement. I think this company is looking to do the same in other countries. With the internet being in so many household it is only a matter of time before the whole world is staring at a Kraft food product in their pantry.

The Hansen brand seems to be more family oriented. The company started out small and has a reputation for good quality beverage. In an effort to expand their brand, the company has expanded into the energy drink business. The company most profitable drink (Monster Drink) has made them a player in the market. I see this company doing nothing but moving forward and outward to other international markets. With the help of the internet and different exporting regulations and guidelines this company will soon be a major player.

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