The Globalization of White Collar Crimes Assignment

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I will conclude by how each of these topics are growing into global problems. According to Criminal-Law-Lawyer-Source. Com “Fraud is the act of deliberately deceiving another individual or group in order to secure an unfair or unlawful personal gain at the expense of that party. ” Fraud may be either civil or criminal offenses and many times are considered to be felony crimes. The more frequent types of fraud are: embezzlement, internet fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft and insurance fraud. With technology advancing we see police stepping up more and more and cracking down on fraud criminals eke never before.

But as technology is advancing so are the criminal. Summit Daily. Com defines embezzlement as “a crime committed by someone in a position of trust. ” embezzlement can be as small as stealing a few bucks from a cash register or as large as stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a corporate. This would be comparable to theft/larceny. People may say I will never be a victim of embezzlement or why worry that kind of stuff never happens locally around Bread County. A good case to look at would be the case against Holland Serrate.

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Agent Tim Manlike from he Bread County Sheriffs Office testified saying that she stole over 1 2 million dollars from her Cocoa based company. This all happened over a 5 year span. Weeklies. Com defines cybercaf?? as “any type of illegal activity that makes use of the Internet, a private or public network, or an in-house computer system. ” Examples involving this crime are: software that are designed in order to steal identities, credit card numbers, or any other data in which the criminals can benefit from. With the world relying mainly on computers the risks are higher cybercaf?? rates.

Especially since many people use online banking it is easy for some Of the smart criminals to obtain your credit card number, it is even easier to obtain a credit card number when someone shops on the internet and buys items. Identity theft is a serious and growing crime across the nation. Identity theft is a crime in which somebody steals your personal identity. This means that someone else is going around and pretending to be you, usually to commit fraud or other types of crimes. Identity theft crimes are usually a long tedious process and can take months to investigate.

Victims can even wind up having to spend more money out of their own pocket just to recover something of theirs. Most of the identity theft cases are due to stolen names, Social Security number and credit card numbers. Thieves may steal your personal identity in many ways, some of the most common ways are: Dumpster Driving- this is where criminals go through trash looking for bills, Skimming- this is a little storage device that people use when they process your card I. E. Restaurants and stores, and Fishing- this is where people pretend to be financial corporations and send pop-up messages.

About. Com defines forgery as “the faking of a signature without permission, making a false document or changing an existing document without authorization. ” We often see forgery as the altering of a signature or signing somebody else’s name. The most common things to be forged are licenses, certificates and identification cards. Forgery has three degrees, the first two are felonies and the third one is a misdemeanors. In conclusion white collar crimes has many components to it. All of which has to do with either falsifying something or having money and/or your identity stolen.

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