The Effects of Globalization Toward Leadership Assignment

The Effects of Globalization Toward Leadership  Assignment Words: 249

The impact of globalization over the last thirty years has been immense. Globalization has provided companies with the option to operate in many different countries. A global corporation not only sells its products in a variety of diverse markets, but it may also manufacture its products and the components that make up those products in a number of different countries. How would these factors effect the management and leadership of a global corporation?

Challenges for marketing and sales management While it may be safe to assume that people want the same things wherever they are, the way that the marketing message is carried across must change to suit local conditions. Simply translating an advertising slogan from one language to another may not produce the desired result. Errors can and do occur. The marketing department should include at least one person that is familiar with the language and culture of the target market.

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A mistake that unintentionally insults the market may not be easily forgiven. Local knowledge Different markets also have different levels of sensitivity about nudity. While is is commonly accepted that sex sells, in some countries it could lead to people taking offence. It is not only the culture and language that are important when opening a new market. The company will need an understanding of market conditions as well. Will the product be competitively priced? Is there a competitor that currently dominates the market? What about brand loyalty?

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