The Caste System- Reaction Response Assignment

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This division in Indian society has existed since time immemorial . This Verna System is the Caste System that is still prevalent n the country . It categorizes the work to be done by each This system is prevalent largely among Hindus , but exists among other religious communities in India as well . Brahmins are considered the highest caste . They are predominantly vegetarians , who are assigned role of priests , teachers or scholars . They enjoy many benefits . Children of these families are expected to Join family profession .

Ashtrays were kings and warriors in olden times , presently they are In multifarious professions . Visas , remained traders from the beginning of this Verna dolls , and are soul Into trading . The fourth are the Shudders , who make the serving class In Indian society The Shudders are the fourth and most neglected caste in India . They are also known as Dalais (the down trodden ) and termed Harridans (people belonging to god ) by Mahatma Gandhi . They lead a difficult life , without education and are not allowed to change occupation .

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The work assigned to them is often unhygienic , contaminating and unhealthy . They are not allowed to enter temples and worship . Even basic amenities like collection of drinking water has to be from wells or taps which are not used by people from higher castes like Brahmins There re divisions in Dalai society too . The Ana (Barber , Dhobi (Washer man ) stand higher than Chamber (Cobbler ) or Bang (Sweeper . They are not allowed entry to places in the village where people of higher castes live .

Thus they live a very hard and harsh life The Modern society lives with these differentiations and use special terms for these people . They are called Scheduled Castes (SC , Scheduled tribes (SST ) or Other Backward Classes (BBC . The SC is 16 of the population making it 160 million . SST is 8 at million and BBC is 52 with 3000 castes . The caste system has taken the present arm after the British took over the rule of India , in line with the class system of British society The caste system is some what relaxed in urban and metropolitan areas Inter-caste marriages are also common .

In arranged marriages , caste of the bride and the groom are cross checked and taken into consideration It is due to influence of higher education that these areas are free of caste rigidity . But rural areas still reel under it’s effect Political parties and leaders often take caste as an issue , to make it sensitive to meet their ends . The BSP (Bauhaus Assam Party , Swampland Party , Kanata Deal are a few political parties that pampered the caste sentiments and succeeded In winning the elections .

Reservations in education and politics have been made by these pollutants leading to wide spread protests and uproar . Amanda Commission recommended by ex-P . M . Mr. . V -P -Sings tried to Implement ten recommendations Ana Take wee spread Protests It NAS seen many educated boys and girls suffer at the hands of these reservation policies . India has witnessed and is still facing many caste related violence . So many have lost their lives in this violence . It has mainly been between upper castes like Thesaurus and Dalais of lower caste Indian Caste System has been under the scanner of criticism since history .

The reformers of Indian society in the past have condemned the caste system . Nanas , Kabuki , Djakarta , Ramadan , Ramadan the saints of Backbit cult rejected caste discrimination . Later during Struggle for Freedom in early 19th century , Indian politicians spoke against caste distinctions . Religious leaders Swami Dandy , Swami Vegetarians , Sir Ramekins and politicians Mahatma Gandhi , B . R . Embarked stood against this discriminating system . They were open to people from all castes B . R .

Embarked himself from a family of scheduled caste became the writer of Indian Constitution in Independent India The Indian Caste system exhibits a few strong points . It helped in retaining family business , art work and artisans who have been perusing an art for generations . It made the survival of certain forms of art possible . Yet the anomalies and disadvantages far out weigh the advantages . The need for caste system is gradually moving out . The young India , which is eager to get education and use technology for its prosperity , does not want to embrace sate differences .

The educated class living in urban India strongly advocates doing away with caste barriers . But under educated and illiterate rural masses still hold on to the belief of division as a policy , which is beneficial to their interests . Perhaps education for the masses is what India needs today to shake off such old systems . It is never advisable that a part of the society be allowed to live a life that is grossly different from the lives of others on this globe Read more: http://www. Nightdresses. Com/essay/caste. System. Essay. 51655#txzz2PSk4zd8S

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