Stereotyping in Pride and Prejudice Assignment

Stereotyping in Pride and Prejudice Assignment Words: 472

I thought one of the main issues, peer pressure, was dealt with well, even if Jane Austen did not write it for that purpose. Even though this was not the intention of Jane Austen, the fact that Elizabeth married Darcy, not because of his money and his relations, but for love and nothing else, shows that this change it possible, but the media do not allow it. In Pride and Prejudice, like in our own time, people are afraid to be different. In our world they are stereotyped and made to do things.

They are judged for going out with someone not in their social class. If someone does not do something the way it should be done they are mocked. It is the same in Pride and Prejudice. Lydia and Kitty dare to be different and live in the personality they choose to and they are shunned by their own mother. It appears that the lifestyle in which you did not marry someone because you loved them has changed. But in reality it has not. It has increased, but in a different way to that or Jane Austen’s time.

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Both men and women look for stereotyped partners that hardly exist and are then let down when they cannot find their perfect person. In Pride and Prejudice, the women look for a wealthy man, who, if they are lucky, have good connections. The men look for pretty women who are accomplished, but not as one would be today. They look for musicians, artists and those speaking more than one language. Now men look for women who are beautiful and who will take care of them without complaining.

The women look for their ‘Prince Charming’, who is good-looking, kind, smart, funny and loves them. In televisions shows and movies it is always based on this, leaving almost no room for change. Peer pressure is strong in all societies, social groups and ages. It is apparent from 5 years olds to 90 year olds. You have to do what is right for those around you, not yourself. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen writes that since Charlotte Lucas is 27 years old, she had to marry Mr Collins. They put a barrier on how old a woman can be when she marries.

It was not law, but all seemed to follow it. Bibliography: n/a Jane Austen didn’t write to point out how inevitable peer pressure is, even if the one being pressured doesn’t realise what is happening. Considering this it was really well done. This is one of the reasons why Pride and Prejudice has lasted through the centuries. Its storyline is based on events and cycles that happen everyday without anyone noticing. Regardless of whether Jane Austen intentionally did this, it makes Pride and Prejudice stand out.

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