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Social Norms Social norms are unwritten rules on social behavior. They are things that happen every day without a thought. Like the way you answer the phone, the way you greet people, or how you go about doing something. For one day I chose the way I answer the phone. Every time I answered would say goodbye instead of hello. My first phone call got was my mom. When she called I answered by saying goodbye, her response was “hello to you too”.

Then my grandma called so I aid goodbye, her response was “what are you talking about goodbye, we just started talking’. My cousin called so I said goodbye and she said ‘Well bye bye then” and hung up! She called back and I answered with goodbye again and her response was. Then one Of my friends called, so when I said goodbye they said “mum yeah good talk”. Thought it was funny to hear all the responses because people were confused or thought it was weird.

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They felt this way because it was something hey weren’t used to hearing when someone they call answers the phone saying goodbye. Every time answered the phone almost said hello because that is what am used to doing. Saying hello is a social norm, so when you change that, people get thrown off. Changing a social norm sometimes causes people to not know what to do. You are changing what they have grown to know and repeat throughout life. Social norms are everyday behaviors that are socially unacceptable to society.

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