Sexual discrimination in education, work,income, and law Assignment

Sexual discrimination in education, work,income, and law Assignment Words: 713

Stephan Rumba Chapter 13 discussion Give examples of sexual discrimination in education, work, incline, and law, Sexual discrimination can happen In education, work, income and law.

Before I go further with some examples, let’s define “sexual The LLC_S_ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that sex discrimination involves treating someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorable because of that person’s sex_ It goes on by adding that sex discrimination also can Involve treating someone less favorably because of his or her connection with an organization or group that is generally associated with people of a certain sex_ consequently, sexual discrimination can be found In education, work, Income and law.

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First, sexual delimitation can be applied In several educational program or actively. For example, an educational Institution can grant more scholarships to men than women. Men or women can be discriminated against In the admission process, admitting men or women In some specific academic programs or major, providing sufficient funding for man athlete and not tort women athlete. To cite some more examples, being more assertive In licensing men than women, and grading students based on sex. All tot these are some examples tot sexual discrimination in education.

However, the Title IX tot the Education Amendments tot 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination in ethereally tended education programs or activities, provides the cornerstone tot traders law ensuring equal educational opportunity (shipwrights. Org). Sexual discrimination is common in the workplace. For instance, a boss not hiring a woman for a position that is traditionally held by a man because he thinks that she wont fit, paying man and Oman differently for the same job with the same qualifications based on sex. tot promoting a woman for a higher position because the boss thinks that her subordinate wont respect her authority (humanrightscommission. Vic,gob), Seeking sexual favors, unwanted sexual advances and physical harassment of a sexual nature is also a form of discrimination in the workplace. It is commonly called sexual harassment. I can also add that sometimes men have more benefits than women in the workplace. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the federal law orbiting sexual discrimination In the workplace.

Even though equity In remuneration became a civil rights goal in the 7Гњs and made some progress toward It, a significant gap still remains ( Vincent Payroll, page 359). An example of sexual discrimination In Income would be that a man earns more money than a woman for doing the same job, with the same experience or qualification(s). The National women’s Law center reported that women today are paid, on average, only 77 cents Tort every collar pal to men. On January U, President Adam signs TN LILY

Letterer Fair Pay Act to help women fight back against pay discrimination (abracadabra. Com). Sexual discrimination can occur when the law enforcement conducts an investigation for Moline against women, including sexual assault and domestic violence” (blobs. ]justice. gob). The Civil Right Division conducted an investigation on the New Orleans police department in 2012. They found that police officers tend to use unreasonable or unnecessary force when arresting a man. They also found that when investigating a sexual assault or a domestic violence case, women are more rusted than men.

Police officers tend to believe the version of what happened from the women and think that the man is not telling the truth. Another example could be a police officer not giving a traffic ticket to a woman because she is pretty. To summarize, sexual discrimination is a major issue in society. Either men or women can experience sexual discrimination in education, work, income, and law. There are many laws that protect people from sexual discrimination. However, it still happens out there and it is the responsibility of everyone to report any sign(s) of sexual discrimination to the authorities.

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