Rizal – Discrimination Assignment

Rizal – Discrimination Assignment Words: 402

Even told us to write an essay about discrimination the very first thing-oh actually it was a question-that flashes on my mind was, what is the real meaning of it? I researched, researched and researched (though Ms. Even told us not to. We Just have to write what is it for us) then I analyzed what Vie read and of course reminisced what Vie experienced. So in my own opinion, the very description of discrimination is the act of observing differences or noting distinction.

Most of the mime, it is unfavorable due to prejudice especially when the person who is making the Judgment is tolerating the Thing A and had hatred to the Thing B. I am also curious why Ms. Even asked us about this topic while we are having our Racial class. Then I realized that like a normal person maybe he had also experienced this kind of treatment. So now, my imagination is running. I’m thinking who was the person who discriminated him? Imagine, he is our national hero now. Everyone look after him, admiring him.

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So how dare him/her/them to treat Dry. Jose Racial like that? But of course, in the other hand I know Jose Racial want to send his gratitude for the person or group of people who make him feel that way before. Because it became one of his motivation to become one of the well respect people and amazing, awesome, great fabulous, marvelous and wonderful as well. And yes, as I said earlier I had also experienced it. I know it is Just part of each and everyone’s life. Actually I can describe it as one of our body parts.

I mean, if ever you don’t have one of it discriminating situation to be specific) it’s Just like you will feel incomplete. And I know that there will be another discriminations to come and in God’s name, to overcome. A piece of advice my friend, you have to accept the fact that we can’t please everyone. All you have to do is to be thankful for those people who appreciate you and forgive the others who are not even if they are not really sorry. Life is too short to waste your time by pleasing them. Im wishing’ and hoping’ and praying’ that you will not give them any satisfaction.

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