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A review on pride and prejudices marriages What Is Statute’s version of love? What Is the difference between the three young love relationships: Elizabeth and Dared, Bindle and Jane, and Lydia and Hickman? We will go trough a review and a summery of the marriages that took place In the story.

Jane Statute’s view of love goes back to her own experiences in life , when I read a summery of her biography I understood that she had some ending relationships ,which later helped her and showed them self in her romance novels , o make her love stories more realistic , also the period of time that she lived in most be considered , she was living in a period of time that wealth off man would play an important role In finding love , and wealth has an important role as until this very day.

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The relationship between Elizabeth and Dared: Elizabeth was the youngest girl In the family who had an interest in reading books and playing piano among all of these she was quite beautiful , on the other hand Mr.. Dared was a well educated and lately man from a big city with high qualities , their relationship began when at first Dared turned down Elizabethan hand in the ball and did not admire her at all and later on in the second ball Elizabeth did not show any intention for Mr.. Dared while she was introduced to him, at this time Dared literally started feeling an itch in his heart.

When Jane and Bangle’s relationship got more Intense Elizabeth and Dared saw each other more often and started teasing each other which In this case Elizabeth was a head above Dared, Elizabeth though that Mr.. Dared is a proud man who isn’t show any intention in getting involved in any social activities , but all these ideas vanished when she understood his true personality and his true intention of doing the things he did , their love was a slow formation love taking place step by step into knowing each others personality thus it would be stabilized .

Bindle and Cane’s relationship was in my opinion , a love in the first sight it started In the first ball when Mr.. Bindle danced twice with Jane that showed his passion toward Jane because she was the only girl In the ball that Mr.. Bindle danced twice with, and they shared smiles and had a happy time together, until later on that Jane was Invited to Interfiled and her mother did not give her the carriage to go with in hope that she would get sick because of the rain and would stay there happened.

After Jane week long stay in Interfiled the second ball took place in which many tough that Mr.. Bindle would propose to Jane for marriage including Jane, Mrs.. Bennett and Elizabeth , but such thing did not happen, not long after the second ball he Bindle family moves to London for business, after a while miss. Bindle sends a letter to Jane informing her that they would not come back to Interfiled , we know all these happened because Mr..

Dared did not think that Jane would suit Mr.. Bindle therefore he departed him to London. After some time in which may actions took place such as : Jane going to London and not meeting Mr.. Bindle and Mr.. Bindle didn’t know about her presence in London finally a new development takes place which I call it a fulfillment of hope , when Mr.. Bindle returns to Interfiled Park and says a visit to the Bennett family in the company of Mr..

Dared, then he asks Jane if she would marry him and Jane replies : “yes a thousand yes ” Now we get to Lydia and Hickman , in this very case Lydia is a very easy girl to get and since she has a very great love for the soldiers , and Hickman was in the army , it was easy for Hickman to dodge Lydia to run away with him and live together without being married , this was a big shame on Bennett family whereas in that period of time kissing a man was a great guilt and Lydia running away with Hickman would damage net family reputations and her sisters too, because then nobody would marry her sisters , until that Mr..

Dared found them and actually paid Hickman and pay off his debts, He also helped him get a new commission in the regular army which he could not do on his own. Mr.. Dared by arranging a marriage for Hickman to marry Lydia, preserved not only her reputation but also her sisters’ reputations. He removed the disgrace from Bonnet’s name and this way he also had to spend time with a man who he Justly detested.

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