Renaissance Social Norms within The Taming of the Shrew Assignment

Renaissance Social Norms within The Taming of the Shrew Assignment Words: 296

He did not incorporate much surrealism in his play but rather combined elements within he society social norms In order to craft his works. One play in particular cleverly stretched beyond the accepted social norms in order to produce a comedic effect. This play, The Taming Of the Shrew, incorporates much of the era’s social norms and laws. Shakespeare, who was born nearing the end of the Renaissance, accurately portrays a comedic story plot that falls well within the social norms of the time.

In a quick summary, this short play captures the lives of two main characters, Pediatric and Katherine, as they struggle trying to form a relationship. Katherine, who is the eldest daughter etc rich and powerful nobleman, dauntlessly strives to scare off any man who is willing to take her hand in marriage through her use of nasty comments, rude behavior and childlike actions. Bianca, the youngest, most beautiful and flirtatious of the two, IS subject to wait until her sister is wed in order for her herself to be wed as well. In enters Pediatric, an Italian nobleman who is land rich but money poor.

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He intends on marrying Katherine for her wealth although he is warned by many to stay clear of her path. Blinded by egotism, he accepts the challenge and repeatedly boasts about how he will “tame” this shrew”. In the end, he succeeds in doing so and the two fall in love with one another. A side plot occurs throughout the play as well involving Bianca and her three suitors, Grimier, Horniness and Licentious. Each fights with their own individual attributes, wealth, music and knowledge, but in the end, it is Licentious who wins her heart and weds her.

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