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Diary Is one of the main characters , he first appears as Mr.. Bentleys friend vindicating his social Status and is wealth . At the begging , Diary seems mean, and proud of his social status , that’s why he refuses to dance and to talk With Elizabeth -And even hurts her by talking about her family’s behavior However in the course of the story , we realize that they are a perfect math he is attracted by her intelligence and information in addition to her beauty , What makes him brake his promise in marrying Lady Catharine De Burgh’s daughter . Itch proves to Elizabeth that he is worthy of her love and that she had missed judged him Settings : In the 19th century , since The story is written in 1813 , but we don’t know exactly when It takes place in England , a place called Longhorn . Summary The novel Pride and Prejudice, takes place in England, in the 13th century. The protagonist of the Story is Elizabeth Bent. She lives modestly with her parents and five single sisters, Jane, Mary, Lydia and Kitty. ; Their father Mr.. Bennett is calm man in contrary to her husband Mrs. Bennett, a woman that is all surface and no substance.

She Wishes to see her daughters married to suitable rich men Without looking at their happiness ; Jane is the eldest daughter, she is beautiful, and successful and calm and she is the antagonist best friend. ; girl with a sense of humor, she was her mothers favorite. ; and spend her day reading. Kitty was a tall Mary likes music Finally, Lydia, the youngest of the girls and is described as “untamed, unabashed, wild, noisy, and fearless” The novel starts when Mrs.. Bennett is informing her family that Mr..

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Bentley, a wealthy and single man, is moving into Nether-field Park , and he will be at the ball . So the entire family is excited and they attend the ball to meet him . Mr.. Bentley arrives with his sister Caroline, and his friend Mr.. Diary. Mr.. Bentley was attracted to Jane, and asks her 10 dance, While his friend Mr.. Diary Stays away unattractive by this activity. After the ball, Jane was invited to Interfiled, where she catches a cold and has to Stay for a couple Of days. So Lezzy had join the Bentley to nurse her sister. While there Elizabeth meets Mr..

Diary and this time he chats with her. After their return, Mr.. Collins visited the Bennett Family, hoping to find a wife. He is a relative slightly rich and works for the noble Lady Catherine De Brought. He was attracted to the antagonist who doesn’t accept him. So he decided to marry ere friend Charlotte. Later Elizabeth meets Mr.. Hickman an officer , that talks to her about Mr. . Diary and the way he treated him, because when Mr.. Dwarfs father died he left him money, that Diary didn’t accept to give him, because of his jealousy.

Elizabethan attraction to Mr. Hickman, increase her dislike of Mr. Diary. Then Mr.. Bentley leaves to London, as Elizabeth is sure that Marcy and Caroline (Mr.. Bangle’s sister ) are trying to separate them _ And this is proven when Jane receives a letter from Caroline SAYING THAT Mr.. Bentley doesn’t love her, and has no interest in marrying her. In the spring, Elizabeth visits Charlotte and Mr. Collins in Kent. She is invited to Risings Park, home of Lady Catherine De Burgh, Dairy’s aunt; coincidentally, Diary also arrives to visit.

Elizabeth meets Dairy’s cousin, they talk about how he had convinced a friend on not marrying a girl he loves . Elizabeth rightly assumes that it is Mr. Bentley, and her dislike of Diary deepens. Later Diary proposes to Lezzy , and confesses that he loves her but at the same time he talks about her family and social position -but Of course Lezzy doesn’t accept his proposal since he insulted her family , and ruined Cane’s relationship With Mr.. Bentley, and finally the way he treated Mr.. Hickman Mr. Diary, shocked,and furious and exposes the truth about Mr..

Hickman. Later Elizabeth finds a latter from Me. Diary he explained that he treats Mr.. Wigwam in this awful way because he broke Georgian ,and that he thinks thatched doesn’t love Bentley the way he loves her . And that keeps her wondering if she misjudged him Months later, Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle Gardener visit Pimpernel, Dairy’s home. Meets his sister, and at this moment Lezzy finally knew that she loved him . They receive the news that Mr.. Hickman and her younger sister kitty have runoff. But Mr.. Diary intervened and helped finding them.

A marriage was necessary to clean the families reputation thus the uncle pays the man money to marry her and Mr. Diary take charge of wedding expenses. Shortly after Mr.. Bentley shows up , and proposes to Jane , and immediately accepts Lady Catherine De Burgh pays an unexpected visit to Longhorn , Because she heard a rumors that Elizabeth will marry Mr.. Diary Lady Catherine wants Mm Diary to marry her daughter (his cousin) Anne De Burgh and thinks Elizabeth will ruin everything. Elizabeth refuses her demands. Lady Catherine leaves promising that the marriage can never take place Diary returns to Longhorn.

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