Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Discrimination Assignment

Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Discrimination Assignment Words: 376

Fenniest everyone belongs to a certain group and we all know who Is In our group and those that do not fit In our groups. Most time adult do not realize when they somehow out a person from there groups, but some do it intentionally. When we out a person from our group we really do not take the time to get to know or find out who they are, but we tend to pass Judgment on them anyways. “Stereotypes are beliefs about the characteristics of particular groups or members of those groups. “( Fenniest, 2013) people tend to place into categories things and people, gathering them together without learn who or what they are.

For example; that everyone that speaks Spanish Is Mexican, when In reality there Is a total of 21 Spanish country and they do not all speak the same Spanish. When we stereotype people into groups, we form opinion about them without getting to know there person, this sometime causing prejudice and discrimination against them. “They not only reflect beliefs about the traits that characterize the typical member of a group but also contain information about other qualities, such as social roles, the degree to which members of the group share a quality, and emotional reactions.

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Stereotypes imply a substantial amount of other information about a person besides what Is immediately apparent and generate expectations about individual group members beyond the current situation ) One important time frame in the world would be the holocaust were the Jewish people were separated from other people because they were believed to be lower than the German and the cause of their problem lead them to torture and abuse the Jewish people as well as kill thousands of Jewish men woman and children.

The people that suffer the most from pre]delude and any form of discrimination are woman and children especially those living in third world country were at time it is the root of wars. I have been lucky not have been affected by any form of prejudice or discrimination. But as a teen in high school there was always that one person that felt like stereotyping a few people to try to hurt them.

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