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Things are constantly changing in today’s society, but the one thing that seems to maintain its negative status is the poverty level we face. However since there is a correlation between the two, people can’t expect to see much change in poverty since our education system is so corrupt. Our teachers like many other employed people who have paid for an education, now find themselves in situations they hoped to prevent. Our nation has been in debt for many years and each time our government seems to have a solution nothing changes at all.

Our education system is corrupt. Each state has its own laws on how it chooses to run its education system. Teachers teach their students things that parents cannot because they have others obligations such as work that make them unavailable. They learn the basics that will help them gain the ability to start understanding basic subjects that they will need in their future. Some students learn better than others, grasp information faster than others, and work at faster paces.

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This is due to the fact that not all of our schools are funded properly to where we can give our students a strong learning foundation where they ill be able to take the information we give them and put it into use in today’s society. There are too many schools these days that do not provide the basic structures needed for kids to be in a stable and steady learning environment. The students that come out of the schools that have more funding compared to the students that come out of the schools with smaller funding show a big difference in their lifelong paths.

The students in schools with more funding go on to a higher level of education and continue to pursue their dreams no matter the circumstances, whereas the students with lower funding tend to not continue their education at Geiger level. Higher funded schools are able to provide their students with small student to teacher rations which allow the student more one on one time with the teacher. The students are allowed more time to ask questions and grow together as a whole class where as in other small funded schools you have to be able to go with the teachers pace and if you do not, you’re pretty much on your own.

High funded schools offer more clubs and organizations for their students as well as more opportunities which allow their students to be able to explore many different things hat they might be interested in and give them the opportunity to find some interest in things that might have never know of before. This opens a door and gives the students an opportunity to be able to explore what can be a possible career choice for them. When the student is given this opportunity they go into a higher level of poverty vs. education By wasteful 14 trying to figure out what path they want to take.

They go in with motivation because they know what they want to do and what it takes to get there. This is not the case for the schools that come from a poverty level. Other students from poorly funded schools don’t have that same experience. The poorly funded schools aren’t offered all of the organizations that could help them explore career paths and aren’t offered classes that would prepare them for a higher education. These are the students that go to college and lose motivation and hope because they can’t move at a college pace and are not able to grasp information and eventually end up with failure.

These students weren’t offered a solid learning environment all because of low funding. The schools that these students attended had high student to teacher ratios, they had emitted clubs, organizations, and college readiness classes offered. These schools did not supply students with efficient classroom equipment to be able to succeed in all courses to their full extent. Funding has a lot to do with the way our education system works, and the way our education system works has everything to do with the way our society runs.

If we cannot prepare the next generation properly the way they should be prepared in order to keep our society running the way it should and always growing instead of falling apart, we will fall as a nation. Our education dropout rate is increasing each year. Our tuition rate for school seems to be going up and not enough people can afford it so instead of trying to figure out other arrangements for going to school they decide to take the easy way out and Just not attend in total.

When people decide to take that easy way out they eliminate themselves for survival in our society. You cannot find a steady Job these days without having an education. People who do not have a steady Job struggle for their selves. It’s hard for them to live on their own and be able to support themselves with necessities that they need to live. By the time the end of the month comes they might eave barely enough money to save up for an emergency or some kind of want that they have.

This is not a happy life, and is not a life that anyone would want for himself or herself. Our society is told to further their education in order to prepare for a better life, but it seems that even when our people do this it is not bettering their future. Students who attended universities still find that they do not have the life they were once told they could have. With that thought in our society’s minds’ people will begin to lose hope and motivation in furthering their education. That ultimately results in more people out of Jobs and careers.

Which leads to more families and children with little to no money to be able to have the necessities that they need. This only will result in the increase in our poverty rates. The correlation between education and poverty is one that cannot go unnoticed. Poverty is one of the biggest issues we face and is something that needs to change. There have been many studies and findings that show how education is connected to poverty and vice versa. These two variables have such a tremendous impact on each other that as a society we cannot afford for either one of them to be unbalanced.

Without stable currency income, our education system will rocket downward ultimately affected Jobs, careers, and the lives of the people in our nation. The same concept works the other way around as well. Without stable and effective education system there will be less income concluding with a major hurt to our economy. Some people do not see this as a big issue but it is something that the majority of people need to have brought to their attention. Our society will fall faster than a plane falling from thin air if our action cannot get its issues under control.

The middle class will eventually have a percentage of their people ending up in the lower class due to the lack of support and stability between the two factors. Some people may argue that poverty and education have no correlation but with proven research you can definitely see the connection. You are given the opportunity to be able to see how unfortunate each generation is becoming as this problem seems to worsen every year. It is an argument that a person wouldn’t lose when saying that drastic changes need to take place when dealing with poverty and education.

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