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A low level of domestic income for an individual results in lack of access to education, health care, and other communal acclivities like lake of sanitation, transportation and communication. The poverty of thought is the major social problem. To eradicate poverty in Pakistan we have to fight with the causes and factors Of poverty. Unless the causes and factors of poverty will be settled the poverty will never end. Ignorance is one of the important aspect of poverty. Ignorance is lake of information or lake knowledge.

In this modern age of scientific revolution we are far behind in the education and most importantly scientific education. Our literacy rate is less than fifty percent the female education rate is even in miserable state. The right kind of education to the individuals is the solution of poverty. The right kind of education to the farmer is the knowledge of scientific ways of agriculture. A progressive and professional thinking is required in the farmers. Poverty can’t come to an end unless we will spend much larger share of our GAP to the education sector.

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We have to open more primary and secondary schools especially in our villages. In the 1971 constitution we made primary education compulsory and free. The constitution made a pledge to made secondary education free with in next ten years. Leave the secondary education we are not able to provide even ere primary education both to boys and girls after passing 35 years. If our government make pledge that they are able to cut down poverty without paying any heed to the education sector they are wrong in their statements. The poverty can’t come to an end unless the illiteracy and ignorance is come to an end.

F-eight with disease is an other factor which can reduce poverty. A sick nation can’t grow more wealth and comforts as compare to healthy one. Diseases not only bring discomfort, uneasiness, misery, and death but it can affect productivity. Providing a healthy environment to peoples by providing ape drinking water, hygienic food and most importantly pollution free environment is one step to fight poverty. According to Japanese company which conducted its research on drinking water in Pakistan majority of us or drinking nontransparent and unhygienic water.

According to reports of water sample this water can result in weakness and decay of bones. These water samples were collected from the major cities where government water reaches the citizens through filtering process. The situation will be much worst in the villages where in twenty first century animals and humans drink water from the same pond. According to human right reports 0. Million children in Pakistan died because of polluted water. Fighting disease not only we can bring down the death rate but also the expenditures which common men spend on doctors, hospitals and drugs.

Prevention is better than cure is very important in fight against poverty. A lots of families conduct suicide after spending their whole property to any of their near and dear cure. A healthier nation will be more positive and progressive in earning their live hoods. The attitude of peoples is very important in addressing poverty. There came a situation when peoples start thinking power less and negative. They start legalizing there is nothing for them in the national income. They start feeling jealous to other who has wealth. As a result conspiracies, revolts and lawlessness spread all over.

It is the responsibility of leadership to give an encouraging thinking to the peoples. He has to convince his fellow country men that they can achieve any thing by applying their abilities and energies. To correct the attitude of peoples is very important in eliminating poverty. In our country wealth is flowing in the hands of only few peoples. The elite which are in power enjoy perks and packages but majority live under miserable state. The corruption and embezzlement from the public funds is the cause of poverty in Pakistan. Our judiciary gives punishment to those people who steal some thing from any house or market.

But the individuals who steal billions of rupees from public funds always sit in assemblies. You can see the present Cabinet which is full of those peoples whose name or in NAB list. We give punishment to those who steals private properties but give honor to those who steals public money and shift their wealth to the foreign banks. The second thief is the cause of misconduct of first one. The equal distribution of national wealth is the solution of poverty. We have to adopt Islamic system of economy which is based on equality and justice. The interest (rib) is the cause Of our downfall.

We have to eradicate interest based banking by replacing it with Islamic way. Unless wealth will flow equally in all the quarters of society poverty can’t came to an end. The nation can’t get developed by getting foreign loans and aids. If any one can become developed by aids Africa would be the most advance region of the world. It is quite right that assistance is good on disaster so that it will give peoples a chance to rebuild their lives. But to rely on aid permanently is suicide. We have to get lesson from the event of prophet age when one people came to him and ask for assistance.

The holy prophet asked him have he any thing in his house he replied that he had two blankets. Prophet asked him to bring these two blankets and sold the two blankets and bought an ax from that money which he gets from blankets. Prophet advised him to go to jungle and bring wood; by soloing wood you can get food for yourself and you family. This golden event Of Prophet Life is the solution Of over problem. Charity is not the solution of poverty. Self reliance is the only solution of poverty. The ay of hunting fish is more important than knocker.

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