Personal Gender Socialization Assignment

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I have other socializing agents that are influential in my life such as growing up In Mitchell, I kept very busy In many social activities and was In cheerleaders and drill time throughout my Jar/Sir High School. Being Involved where I knew all the students I was Influenced by those in my activities and friends that I spent every day with. We influenced each other by what we all wore or what was “cool” and accepted by all at that time, to what our lingo or words were hip to say within certain groups.

In every socializing agent there will always be a positive and negative effect that moms with each one. Positive effects that came with my socializing were being Introduced to the Army National Guard. Being a member opened me up to a complete different spectrum and has had to use technology a lot more than before. When I been stationed away for long periods of time I would use emails, testing on my phone, Skye to visit and see my family through the computer screen, and my phone calls to catch up on a daily basis.

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A negative effect socializing may have affect my life is having to always have a phone on you at all times Just in case there is a Tate wide emergency, or even a simple family crisis, Becoming so dependent on technology It can be overwhelming at times and being away from technology almost seems like it’s impossible in this lifetime. And social media has become dangerous were you want to inform people where your vacation is and post it on Faceable, then someone possibly breaks into your home when you leave. Having too much information available for everyone has become a very bad thing.

Growing up In a Hispanic family in America was Interesting enough, but however that did not stop any family rituals that came with long lasting support for each one. Hen significant others provide emotional support, recipient know they are loved and highly valued. ” (Krause N. peg. 400) Being born with in my family you were instantly a Catholic and had to be baptized through the church. Growing up a kid you had to also be confirmed and know about the bible and welcome God Into everyday practice. As you continued to learn more about God we have to do First Communion and vow to live In God’s way.

The next family ritual for the boys and girls in the family Is to have a celebration for the fifteenth birthday and welcome them becoming a nouns lady or man. This celebration will consist of a huge festival with family and friends dressed as if they were attending a high school prom and celebrating the night away with food to spare. With the many more rituals come graduating with high school diploma and possibly college also was a must considering parents wanted kids to have a better education than them. And If family couldn’t afford It fundraiser with Mexican food was a ritual that was very common.

In my military family we also into the soldier’s chest and sometimes even break skin which is meant to welcome not the soldiers new responsibilities. Living and growing up with my Hispanic parents many particular phrases and symbolic gestures that I use today. Being a part of a devoted Catholic family we use the bible, rosary, and church phrases we use. I know there’s been time where we have said “we put it on the bible” saying that you do mean what you say or in gods words. The rosary or the cross is a symbolic item we have on us at all times and put in our homes.

And with the church phrases we my pray before dinner meals and bless people when the leave our homes by saying, “god less you. ” The impact of colonization on development of one’s personality can be greatly influenced by their parents and the environment around them. I have learned from mine my manners, addressing elders, and always kissing when arriving and leaving any family or friends presence. “Many people have strong friendship and familial ties within the parish and they enjoy spending time together. “( Disallow K. peg, 443) My parents helped me learn a lot about their culture and it has become my own with my American twist put on it.

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