Perceived Discrimination and early Substance Abuse Assignment

Perceived Discrimination and early Substance Abuse Assignment Words: 517

What researchers decided to do to find out what the real problem was in the particular culture was to have willing tribes and boards to read reports that were written about their problem. However, how was one to trust anyone when negative studies have been done and has caused many problems among the American Indians and other cultures? CITATION Deeded 1033 (Deltoid, 1969). The study was approved and then began. Approximately 84% of the tribes did the survey but, there was about 10% that did not want any part of the survey.

Regardless of everything that was available to each tribe household incomes varied from At the same time that also depended on if one or two parents working and how far away they were from work and what kind of work they had. Many of the dual parent households were on some sort of family assistance. When it came to the children the results were alarming as the reasons why the children from the ages of 9-16 did the drugs and other things wrong in their life was due to discrimination. However, one thing that remains interesting is females seem to reach out to get help then that of a ale.

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In conclusion one should not use discriminate against anyone as it does have a profound effect on those you think it may not. Drugs, alcohol, depression, mental disorders and all kinds of things in this day and age can really lead a person to believe that drugs will make your pains and worries go away like in this situation with the children. It is terribly sad that they had to go through this at all. If there is anything at all that could be changed about this entire situation it would start with the parents, relatives, daycare workers ND teachers.

It starts with people that your children are around that makes them develop in a society. The more they are around something the more they develop from it and or it can have a negative impact on them. It doesn’t start in adulthood it starts with adults and with siblings and with they have learned. Just remember there are all kinds of mental disorders now that have been identified while others have not. Is it that they have not been identified or is that it they are really not disorders and they are really that no one wants o answer to the terrible things that have been done to these people?

Personally what I see is doctors putting children on drugs and instead of ether taking them they are selling them for other drugs and that creates problems as well and leads to a future of failure. We are supposed to create a future of success. What kind of world are we going to have if we are messing up all these different cultures and offending them to the point that they don’t even feel comfortable with who they are that they have to do drugs or other things to feel better about themselves?

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