My View on Globalization Assignment

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Ten years later, however, the dreadful attack proved to be the dawn of the globalization. Globalization has undoubtedly changed people’s life. The award-winning New York columnist Thomas Friedman unfolded the new world in his book The World is Flat, allowing readers to make sense of the bewilderingly complex foreign policies and economics Issues.

The rapid development of transport allows labor as well as goods to cross the national border. The emergence of the vast unlimited global market creates enormous wealth In the middle classes of the developed nations. The occurrence of “Global Village” Indicates the formation of village-like world, however, has the world become too small and too fast for human beings to live In? Young people In the developing country are on the bottom of the globalizes world.

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Provided with employment In the manufacturing Industry, high trench of routinely working In the pipeline leads to deep depression. The governments are also faced with more serious challenges. Information flies from here to there, worldwide cooperation links countries more tightly. The world is changing in a higher speed, which requires nations and organizations to react opportunely, since every decision matters in the global era. Cultures are sold as goods.

Fast-paced life exhausts people’s patience of deep thinking, film makers and novelists are no longer efferent from manufacturers. Nationality identity are eliminated; different core values come and go, crushing down the old value system without reconstruction, leaving our value system becoming fragile. Culture exchange doesn’t create a profound mixed culture as expected, money worship performed instead. The old virtues we once stick to are forsaken, globalization becomes the only belief. Are we really get ready for the globalizes world?

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