Multiculturalism Assignment

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Multiculturalism is when several cultures coexist without one dominating another in the same geographic area. America has been considered a “melting pot” for exactly this reason. The population is more diverse than it has ever been and is continuing to grow rapidly. Some say that this multiculturalism movement is a good thing while others view it as a bad thing. I will explain why I believe multiculturalism is a positive thing and try to help understand the concerns of anti-multiculturalism activist.

Multiculturalism is a great thing. It’s been statistically proven that working in a diverse workplace grants better outcomes (profit, marketing ideas). Diversity opens our eyes to the way others live and their beliefs. Diversity is inevitable and rapidly integrating itself into the American life style, so why see it as a bad thing? We can learn new customs, languages, and ways of life. Diversity will decrease ethnocentrism, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.

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Many schools now e the importance of multiculturalism and have classes for African, Asian, Hispanic, European and many more cultures. Without multiculturalism we wouldn’t have the variety of food, art, companies, and language. Multiculturalism will eventually diminish conscious and subconscious prejudices. People that are against multiculturalism are generally worried that the drastic changes in diversity will lead to the downfall of American tradition and customs. In some ways multiculturalism can lead to community division, increased crime rates, gangs according to race.

Multiculturalism has led to the mandatory Spanish language in some schools where the race is so prominent and does not learn English is a real life example. It causes political and religious divides. Some cultures have been so watered down they don’t exist. Although there are both positive and negative attributes of multiculturalism I still believe that it is a great thing. Without multiculturalism we wouldn’t have the variety of food and products. Our country is dependent on many other countries for good.

We would be ignorant to other ways of life and traditions. Multiculturalism can decrease prejudices. On the other hand multiculturalism can increase community division, decrease in traditions and customs, gang affiliation based on races. The argument is never ending, but multiculturalism is without a doubt in my mind to be good for society..

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