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“What is Globalization? ” and why is it good for business? We hear the term all the time from reading it in newspapers, listening to it on the radio or television, or over hearing people discussing its impact on society. As often as we hear it, it seems that there are many different meanings for the term globalization. So, we ask what is globalization?

Globalization is the process by which varied societies, cultures, and regional economies become united to perform in either an economically, socially, culturally, or political manner and hey will use transportation, communication, multiple forms of technology to be able to network. Globalization has had an affect on many countries in several positive ways; politically, economically, and socially. Globalization is a growth that has been at a worldwide measure and it is vitally important because it impacts so many things in cultures, environments, politics, and economies.

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Globalization is good for multiple avenues of business, as it has generated extensively the international economy, integration of multiple arrests and the trade or movement across the world, all of these make help global improvements. There has been several important things that globalization has done for the economy for a number or years. Enhancement in the world of technology has had an important influence in reducing the expenses of communicating globally, transportation, and multiple commodities.

It has also aided in reducing the cost of information storage and data processing. There are many indications on the positive impact globalization has had on modern technology such as, the internet, email, and t has offered a better standard of living for multiple countries and is simply the only method for poorer countries to lift themselves out of poverty. Globalization benefits underprivileged countries because it offers them diverse means, in order to create skills and various opportunities in becoming a developed country.

In addition, it is essential to know that in current societies, we also use globalization as a means to see the world, through culture progressions and technology. The new communicating devices teen countries, provides so many benefits, for one, the access to new and evolving technology. These tools help both public and private businesses to become more competitive by enhancing the levels of efficiency, productivity, and profits.

An additional advantage of globalization in business is the decrease in cultural barriers; it improves the union between states. For this reason, the likelihood of war among countries declines, and the underprivileged countries have opportunity to grow in social, economic, cultural, and political systems, due to the relationships with bigger, more plopped, and more influential countries. The rise of globalization has made a large impact on the way organizations are ran in today’s society.

It has brought on the developments of many previously disadvantaged nations, when it came to international commerce, to be a part of the global economy. There has been other positives impacts that globalization has aided in. Being able to purchase lower priced commodities in retail stores like Wall-Mart. Globalization furthermore gives consumers access to goods and services that hey would not typically be able to purchase such as, specialty foods that are produced in specific places across the continents and that are shipped to companies throughout the world.

Without globalization, consumers would have multiple limitations in the goods they would be able to purchase depending on what was available in their area. In conclusion, it should be obvious that the overall benefits of globalization has had a large impact on the world as we know it today and has made and continues to improve trade and business. The advantages clearly out weigh NY disadvantages that people claim from globalization.

One of the ways used inductive reasoning was by stating that without globalization we would not have access to many foods that are not produced where we live. I do not have proof of this but it is a broad generalization but the conclusion could be false. One of the ways that I used deductive reasoning is when said that it has “generated extensively the international economy, integration of multiple markets and the trade or movement across the world, all of these make help global improvements. ”

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