Food Stamps vs. Poverty Assignment

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“Food Stamps vs.. Poverty’ In this article Food Stamps vs.. Poverty, Lezzy Ratter explains the importance of food stamps and how it affects people, their living conditions and its challenges. Though the food stamp offices may be unattractive and uncomfortable, one of the eighteen food stamp offices that opened in New York City described by Eric (an applicant) was loud, crowded and hot, but effective. Although this may be true, the place was still reliable and useful.

The SNAP program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is considered a social safety net program, just like unemployment unifies, welfare programs, and section 8. This social net responds to the “deserving poor’, people who may have lost their jobs, may have children, cannot work because of disability or are just very much affected by the current recession. 1. 8 million New Yorker get food stamps, and 46. 3 million Americans take advantage of the program.

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SNAP has assisted millions of unemployed people and continues to serve as a “food security. According to Triad Stamps, “It is a program that works”. Perez-Lopez (an applicant) expresses that, “They actually rescued me. ” Even though SNAP participants re a large diverse group, the program is being challenged by people like Paul Ryan who consider these programs to be a hammock that enables able- bodies citizens to depend on these programs, and Newt Ignoring who is against SNAP, calling Obama the “food stamp president”.

Also, Rick Sanatorium, who accuses Obama of “pushing people on food stamps”. Regardless of their allegations, feel as though the main point is being overlooked, and that is that food is essential. A 2008 study by Mark Candid found that every government dollar being spent on food stamps lifts GAP by $1. 73, circulating he economic flow back into the system with money being dispersed increasingly back to store clerks, farmers, grocery store companies and truckers. I agree that cutting food stamps would be the wrong thing for Congress to do to reduce spending.

This is one of major assistance programs that is extremely affective amongst all walks of life, whether you have children or not, lost a job or unemployed or underemployed, old or even young. Maybe they should cut down on the Congressman’s salaries, since they make so much money compared to the average person. This program helps people et over hurdles and provide and feed their families, where if they didn’t have food stamps, many people would die of starvation or be living on the street.

There would be more poverty and homelessness, and more people would be ill. That would be a whole other set of issues. SNAP is a very important aspect in our country, and it has been effective since 1977. The recession has taken a huge toll on everybody. Rather than budget cuts, I feel that there needs to be more jobs that pay better so that people wouldn’t have to rely on food stamps and actually have the ability to support their family. Until then, people will need food stamps.

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