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Okay – some good points here… FYI – Wikipedia is NEVER considered a scholarly source at the graduate level…. I use it myself, but never academically. Be that as it may… their description overlooks a key factor of ethnocentric behavior – that being; Human beings find comfort in likeness. People who look and act as we do. This can lead to behavior that does not embrace diversity – however, not out of pride, arrogance or malice; but out of comfort and ease. This is the status quo that must be overcome; getting people to deal with their innate discomfort of accepting others who are different than themselves.

Why does it make people uncomfortable? (Hint:?? the fear of loss associated with change… ” AND what can we do about it? Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism perpetuates discrimination, attitudes of superiority, hostility, and contempt for members of other groups. The most serious consequences of ethnocentrism are violent wars, ethnic cleansing, slavery, and genocide. This issue of getting people to deal with their innate discomfort of accepting others who are different than themselves is challenging. People feel uncomfortable because of fear of loss associated with change, fear of the unknown. We favor the familiar and fear the unknown.

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Also, it is comforting to think that your way of life, culture, race or nationality is better a cut above the rest. Questioning this notion may perpetuate insecure feelings. Diversity helps someone that has not socialized or interacted with other races, cultures, or nationalities work together. We should promote diversity in the workplace, school, and daily life. This will help to advance appreciation and empathy of others who are different than themselves. Xenophobia and ethnocentrism are based on an irrational fear or hatred of nations, cultures, or societies other than one’s ownthe fear of outsiders and the unknown

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