Environment, Poverty and Animal Welfare Assignment

Environment, Poverty and Animal Welfare Assignment Words: 352

At the present, people begin to be aware of scarce resources while in the past, it was not an important thing and people squandered all those precious abundances. These problems will affect people’s life hugely. Therefore, numerous environmental movements are organized by youth caring about conservation of natural resources and areas, global warming, ozone depletion and plenty of other problems, although previous generations took care about completely otherwise concerns.

Secondly, due to the development of the Internet and media, young people know more about the current situation of the world and are provided lots of information about these issues. As the awareness then will be spread around on the Internet, more and more people will understand more about the robber and start to do as many things as they can to prevent these issues from growing. We can say that the Internet and media plays a big role in making youngsters aware of these kind of things.

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Poverty and animal welfare are also problems that people should greatly care about. Everyday while many people can freely enjoy their meal after a hard-working day others cannot. These people do not have a place to sleep, a home to stay and they have to struggle every single day. And as today government organizes more useful activities for young people, youngsters can see clearly that there are still many people who cannot have a life like hey do. After that, they will do things to have poor people and create chances for them to find a job.

Young people are also concerned about animal welfare, protecting animal ethics and rights. For instance, plenty of young individuals help in finding home for stray dogs, cats and other pets. Some volunteer to look after pets while others try to find people who want to raise a pet. In conclusion, as the world changes, the people also change the way they live and Start to be aware Of new things happening everyday. That is why teenagers are more in touch with these issues than previous generations.

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