Economic Development: Markets Stocking up Unnecessary Assignment

Economic Development: Markets Stocking up Unnecessary  Assignment Words: 293

“There are too many unnecessary products in the market”. What is your opinion? Why? The economic development led to the increase in demand of consumers. The manufactures always looking for the shortage of function of products to create a new ones. While there are lots of useful goods is produced, there are some unnecessary goods. Nowadays, we have some products that we had never thought about it yet 10 years ago. Base on the gap between the function of goods and expect of consumers is promote the producer try to respond and create innovative goods.

Only a minority of goods which is produced is not necessary for our life. However, the evaluation of essential of items not only base on its function but also base on the place where it is produced. Sometimes this product is useful for this country but it is unnecessary for other country. For instance, in Vietnam culture, Vietnamese use chopsticks to pick up the food but this product is useless In India because Indian use hand to pick up the food. In the market, we can see some products with function Is limited but Its benefit an not denied.

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The avocado slices seems unnecessary to people; in fact, it help mothers to slice avocado quickly. Moreover, It Is manufactured from the difficult of users who use knife to slice avocado. On the other hand, the growth of demand of client is the main cause for producer always have to find out a solution to fill the gap. One of the reason why I disagree this Idea Is the variety of products make our life more perfect. Although we should observe carefully to create Innovative Items with limited resource. It means

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