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A feature of Johnny’s developmental state was the power and autonomy of its elite bureaucracy is centered in key ministries such as Ministry of Finance and Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Leftwing 1995:404). Botswana status as a developmental state is located in a professional Hibernia-style bureaucracy that has conducted and implemented policy making efficiently. Taylor 2005:46) Autonomy and power is located in ministry such as Ministry of Finance Development and Planning (Means 2010:47). This ministry has capacity and authority to prepare National Development Plan (Ands) and oversees their implementation (Means 2010:47).

This has been possible due to the fact that the ministry is staffed by able civil service: who comprises of bureaucrats and politicians to ensure effective implementation of goals, planning and channeling private foreign investment in accordance to national goals (Hewed 2013). Another key ministry of Botswana is Ministry of Trade and Industry which has been given autonomy and power. This ministry mandate has been attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FED) especially new investment and expansions (Gasifies 2013).

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Its main purpose is to enhance socio-economic progress through development of trade, commerce industry and employment opportunities by production activities especially in rural areas (Lenin 2002:117). It can be concluded in this part of the paper that Botswana is developmental state like Asian Tigers looking at professional bureaucracy who has been shaping and implementing policies in the two ententes. Botswana is a developmental state similar to the Asian Tigers looking at the role state as a facilitator.

Dash alludes that a developmental state is one in which the state intervene to promote the interests of the sector, facilitate capital accumulation and improve productivity (Dash 2011:593). In its long term vision, Vision 2016″, Botswana government said it will be assuming the role of a facilitator (Vision 2016 1997: 6). Developmental state in Botswana is based on the foundation of capitalism through which government provide wide variety of incentives actively to promote riveter investment by national and foreign corporations (Taylor 2005:55).

Botswana has established numerous pilot institutions such as National Development Bank (AND) through which it provides loans for projects that promote the economic development of the country (Mission, 2013). The projects normally financed are Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Property arenas (Mission 2013). Another pilot institution is Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDE) established 2001 to provoke Atlanta Ana technical support Tort Dustless development Walt n ten blew to the promotion viable and sustainable citizen owned business (CEDE).

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