Discrimination of Women with Disabilities in Pakistan Assignment

Discrimination of Women with Disabilities in Pakistan Assignment Words: 294

Special Education Policy on Discrimination of Women with Disabilities in Pakistan Abstract Discriminatory practices towards women with disabilities are prevalent in many countries. The dissertation examines major Issues relating to the formulation and implementation of special education policy within the context of developing countries. It focuses especially on the experiences of women with disabilities in Pakistan.

It Is stressed that the variety of disabilities experienced by women Is as retreat as the variety of abilities present in the non-disabled population. Women with disabilities are realized in Pakistani society, and their potential for educational advance and for personal and social development Is sadly neglected. Inevitably, this neglect is potentially very damaging to their self-esteem, though well- documented research evidence on self-esteem and other psychological variables among disabled women is not readily available.

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The paper discusses these and related issues, and suggests how women with disabilities can be given appropriate educational opportunities through the medium of non-formal and community based programs, thus enhancing their role in society and their potential contribution to national and local life. There are many human right issues in Pakistan, especially where women and dillydally are concerned. A focus on these would lead to a picture of doom and gloom.

It is difficult to present a realistic description of the conditions in Pakistan while malignantly a positive outlook. Yet there is hope for the future, and education is the best tool for enabling women to take charge of their destinies. The present paper focuses on a review of the special education policy in Pakistan and how increased participation of the female population, particularly those with disabilities, can be encouraged. 1 OFF Dry. Unarm Mall Founder and Former Director Hope Worldwide-Pakistan ( HOPE)

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