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To Kill A Mockingbird is a moving tale about prejudice between all races and people of all ages. The film’s understandable characters help the audience get a true grasp of prejudice in the south. The plot of the film illustrates the malicious power of prejudice and its ability to sometimes overpower what is right. In the film it is shown that prejudice can often cloud a person’s judgment and lead to illogical outcomes.

An example of this is the trial of Tom Robinson who is accused of raping Mayella Ewel. Throughout the trial it is shown time and time again that Tom was almost completely incapable of raping Mayella. Any sensible person who read a transcript of the trial and had no idea what the races of the people were would easily suppose that Tom was innocent. However Tom’s jury was a group of white men who were most likely prejudice based on the guilty outcome of the trial.

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Another presence of prejudice and discrimination in the movie are the children’s preconceived notions about Boo Radley. The reclusive Boo Radley never treads beyond the walls of his house and this feeds the imaginations of Jem and Scout. They had never even met Boo but still fear him with their lives. Prejudice is also shown in the movie Shrek where people are deathly afraid of an ogre that they have never even met. They even tried to kill Shrek without the slightest bit of empathy for Shrek.

This type of prejudice, resulting from never putting yourself in another’s shoes, is also present in To Kill A Mockingbird. The combined role of unforgettable characters and enlightening plot and theme make To Kill A Mockingbird a true classic. If more people saw this eye-opening movie there would be a better understanding among everybody that prejudice can kill. This movie is a must-see for anybody who is interested in how far our society has come since the 1930s.

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