Disability Discrimination and Lack of Equal Employment Assignment

Disability Discrimination and Lack of Equal Employment  Assignment Words: 744

Respect should be given to people despite one’s socio-economic status because an individual’s aground, disabilities, and the wealthy. Ignorance in America stands very tall, no one has the knowledge of other peoples lives. Ignorant people will judge individuals on their job and how much one’s salary is. An individual odiousness’s become unfortunate, there is always a background story, which is why people should respect others. Richard Limited was a accomplished businessman who created his own publishing company but new businesses sometimes fall and his did.

Limited was one day in a luxurious home and the next day homeless living in his car with his dog. Limited always gave to the homeless, he understood even though he was rich but once he turned poor there was no one to help him. In the short story “The Lady in Red” by Richard Limited a man said, “Get a Goddamned job, you bum! ” (Micrometer 235) The man assumes that he is a bum, no one know remembers when Limited was a successful business man. So, why should a homeless person deserve respect?

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The homeless person wasn’t always homeless, and a rich person wasn’t G00236734 2 always rich. Which is why no matter what a person’s well being is, one should respect the individual. People are often taunted for their disabilities, for instance physical, medical, speech, blind and/or deaf. Some of these individuals are not capable in obtaining a job due to their disabilities, which effects their socio economic Status. People are not forthcoming on why they do not have job due to their disability, they do not want to be looked down upon or pitied. Wall-Mart Stores Inc. And one of its units has reached a $50,000 settlement of a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in which the retailer was charged with failing to accommodate a 22-year employee who suffers from cerebral palsy” (Greenland). Celebrate Palsy is a disability due to damage to the brain. People who have disabilities have the power to speak up and should be respected because even though they have struggles, they keep trying and don’t give up on living. It is illegal to harass an applicant or employee because he has a disability??y’, had a disability in the past, or is believed to have a physical or mental impairment that is not transitory (lasting or expected to last six months or less) and minor (even if he does not have such an impairment). “(Disability Discrimination). Disability discrimination is a serious issue in America, which is why there are laws the prohibit it. Regardless of their disabilities, they still try and even though Walter is not the best job to have, a job is a job.

No matter what job and salary people have, they should still be respected. Everyone believes that the unfortunate is the only ones who are not respected due to their socio-economic status but it also the rich who get disrespected also. People believe the rich just get richer but sometimes that’s not the case. For example, Steve G00236734 3 Jobs was not always rich, he started his company in a garage, he started at the bottom of the ladder and climbed up.

Everyone believes that the rich do not do anything to be rich, they get connections, they fail, they try again. Alice G. Walton questions the rich and asks, “Does being rich make you mean, unfeeling, less humane, or do you need to have these characteristics in the first place, to help you climb the ladder? ” (Walton) People judge the rich for what they have to do in order to obtain the wealth but they do not look at hat they have done for the economy or the world with their creations.

The People often look down upon the individuals who have a trust fund but do these individuals take advantage of it? “My mom claims she could have negotiated for a much larger settlement, but she chose an amount that meant my sister and I could do what we love but still be motivated to earn money. (For the record, that was a really smart move. )” (Ferber) Caroline Ferber a so called ‘trust fun baby’ had the money but her parents still taught them how to be independent and gain their own money. The children were not boiled and learned to value money.

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