A Class Divided: Discrimination Against Others Assignment

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This video is about how a teacher Of a small class in Iowa taught her students about discrimination by dividing the students by his or her eye colors. She basically made the blue eyed students and the brown eyed students hate each other. It was incredible. In later years the same activity was done to a group of adults with the same, if not more shocking results. I find it interesting that a group of elementary school students would be so hateful toward someone else just because he or she had been told that they were either better than or to as good as the other group. Live that the children were learning what it was like to have a privilege, and then to have that taken away from them. They were also learning about the Golden Rule. How many of those children think ever forgot that day when they were treated so lowly? When this was done with adults I was even more surprised! In my opinion, adults should be able to rationalize what is going on. I am quite sure that if I was in a room divided by eye color – I would figure out fairly quickly that the individual doing our training is not just some person who is trying to make my life miserable for the day.

I would be able to figure out that am part of an example and a social experiment. I am sure that some people did figure it out. I am wondering why these individuals felt it was acceptable to disrespect someone in the manner that he or she were doing so. Why would anyone be so completely rude to someone because he or she had a different eye color? Why would they be so rude to the individual who was facilitating their employee training? These questions are beyond me. I am just appalled that individuals WOUld be rude and racist towards each other.

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In another portion of the reading the authors used Star Trek as an example of how different cultures could coincide. I thought this was a great example. I rarely watched any Star Trek, but I knew enough to understand the examples given. Think that if I had realized that was part of the background of Star Trek, perhaps I would have watched it a little more closely. I feel like I am an individual who is very tolerant Of others and their situation. I do not feel that have ever en anything other than an equal opportunity individual.

I also believe that is because of how was raised. In our readings it was discussed that variables that can affect our different social identities are based on our local settings. It also said that religion, ethnic origins, income levels and parents professions will be some of the variables included. I feel like I have always been open- minded. Know that individuals have varied talents and qualities. Know that individuals have different backgrounds and ideas. Know that for the world o keep turning we must have a diverse population.

This makes sense to me. It really bothers me when it does not make sense to someone else and they feel like they are superior to another race or group of people. I want to know why anyone would think that there is one right way to think, feel or act. As long as it is being done for the greater good of the world, why would you not bestow the same privilege on one individual as you have for yourself? Over the weekend my sister in law got married. The man she married is from India. As lucky enough to experience two weddings for them in the same day.

One wedding was the traditional Lutheran wedding and the second was performed by an Indian Priest. It was a small affair with the only other Indians being the grooms parents who flew in from India. I was fascinated with the cultural differences and the religion differences. I thought that it Was also an amazing gift for the couple that their marriage could be recognized by both religions once the ceremonies had been completed. I have always been very open to Rajah being in the family since day 1.

The rest of the family has not always been so open to this idea. I did not understand how someone who was such a great individual and who treated Natalie so well could not be accepted. Everyone finally came around when they realized that Natalie and Rajah were going to stay together. That being said, even during the Indian ceremony Natalie mother was having issues. She was upset because she felt as though she was being asked to pray to ‘their God”. We simply told her that they partook in our traditional ceremony and now it is her turn to do the same.

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