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DORA, which was reenacted a number of times during the course of the war, conferred on the State and its agencies’ unprecedented authority to control t he lives of ordinary people. A whole range Of restrictions followed; men were conscripted d into the armed services, in order to ensure that British citizens were focused on the war and strengthen their military objectives. British travelers overseas had to apply for passports and I D cards had to be carried by ordinary citizens. This meant that the government was able to maintain and control social order, as it is easy for extreme views to thrive at time forward.

Furthermore, another reason for the introduction of DORA was the restriction s on civil liberties for purposes of morale and security. The law was designed to help prevent in vision and to keep morale at home high. There had to be restrictions on traditional liberties for the duration for reasons of national security and prosecution of the War. Censorship, esp. socially of the press, newspapers and restriction Of freedom information, was necessary for repose of security and also morale.

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It imposed censorship of journalism and of letters c owing home from the front line. The press was subject to controls on reporting troop move moments, numbers or any other operational information that could be exploited by the enemy, a ND the government dictated what war news could be made public. This meant that t he government was able to control social order, ensuring that the media did not allow extreme e political views to thrive. Government control of key mind sutures and transport through ‘nationalization’ as essential for the war effort.

As well as this, government control of agricultural products on and working practices was also essential to increase food supply. Food was rationed, Alcoa 01 was heavily taxed, and strict licensing laws were imposed on public houses. Trade was dir acted, and controls were on the use of the currency. Employers in key industries were toll d what to produce, what wages to pay, and whom to take on the payroll. Furthermore, e employees were forbidden to strike or demand higher wages and could be made to move homo and change jobs.

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