What the U.S. Government Shut Down Assignment

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Notwithstanding press releases to the contrary, it is fairly clear that the repeated refusal to come to agreement on national policy over the last few decades is strongly inked to the interests of Democrats and Republicans to establish favorable positions to benefit their respective organizations for the coming elections. By putting those interests ahead of the survival of the communities they represent, and society at large, they have corrupted the very goals and purposes of the U. S. Constitution.

Beyond the serious impacts of these failures, there are important lessons for any organization about the Impacts of conflicts of Interest on group purpose. (2 Images on Conflicts of interest) I discuss the corruption of groups and society in What is Interruption? ND in New Tools in the Fight Against Corruption. Groups are identified by 5 primary characteristics. Identity Purpose Ability to carry out Group Purpose Intent to Survive into the Future Ability to defend itself. All groups, whether they are the U. S.

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Government, Rotary Clubs, sports teams, corporations, or AH Qaeda operate with these same basic characteristics. From a group perspective, the purpose of the U. S. Government is set out in the Preamble to the Constitution, which is widely taught in U. S. Schools. “We the people, people, In order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, Enlarge, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. ” Looking exclusively at the impact of conflicting interests on groups, we can see that the political class in the U.

S. Has lost sight of the larger group purpose and is actively fracturing our society with their conflicts of interest. Indeed, it appears evident that many have chosen to support the smaller identity of Democrat or Republican over that more important identity of United States of America. Gig Arrow) ere political leadership of the U. S. Overspent have lost their willingness to develop and impose policy on their subgroups (the political parties) in favor of the goals of the larger group – in this case, the United States of America. Mall image) Of course, even in smaller groups, such as a corporation, or a single government institution, subgroup members will take actions in direct opposition to policy. Like the political parties they will attempt to “spin” the conflict of interest as something that is somehow still in line with larger group policy. For example, a government office may hire an employee simply because he has personal relationships with a coal government official. Such a hiring is against multiple policies of the government office, but is rationalized as being nonetheless important.

This employee, knowing that he was hired despite the rules, concludes that the policies designed to help the organization reach it larger goals do not apply to him. Correspondingly, he then carries out other actions in violation of organization policy. A rational conclusion because – obviously – the rules do not apply to him. ere result is an immediate weakening of organization purpose, and failure to reach larger organization goals in his area – because that employee and those that hired IM, disagreed with the larger organization policies, and put their own Judgment ahead of the goals of the government institution. Mailer image) have seen this sort of violation result in the organization failures to meet goals, and broken intergovernmental relationships because of the conflicted messages that then flow from the organization. Unwillingness to promote subgroup purposes (Political party purposes) over those of the larger group (U. S. Society) has been observable in the U. S. Congress and Senate for several decades. Fundamentally, this is a disagreement with the larger policy. A disagreement on the primacy of the larger policy. ) tranquility, promote general welfare … Or ourselves and our posterity’) and rationalizing the supremacy of the interests of political parties over those larger societal goals, has demonstrably weakened current U. S. Society and imposed large burdens on future generations.

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