Voluntary Action for Admission of Students in Government Assignment

Voluntary Action for Admission of Students in Government  Assignment Words: 405

In this brief paper, would like to throw some light on one of the aspects of public education and the role of voluntary organization which somehow has not been discussed in this working paper. “The main problem before the country is to evolve a common school system of public education which will cover all parts of the country and all stages of school education and strive to provide equality of access to all children. It should be maintained at an adequate level of quality and efficiency so that no parent would ordinarily feel the need to send his child to the institution outside the system such as independent or unrecognized schools.

This is the goal which the country should strive to reach, and a number of steps will have to be taken for its early realization. This recommendation has remained a pious wish till today. Thanks to the sincere efforts of the Government of Andorra Pradesh. Urdu- medium Residential School for Hydrated City was sanctioned and opened as a result of the pressing demands of the Urdu-speaking minority community. It is now a unique school in India. The apathy of the Urdu-knowing minority section, who is mainly Muslims, is classical. Even the Government of India in its N.

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Which is scholarly, lucid and the voluntary organizations wedded to the aim of education their communities or serving the common cause of education. It has given a not been discussed in this working paper. The rapid growth of educational institutions during the period of the last 60 years, the number of school-going children, schools colleges and universities, the number of teachers, all provide ample proof of this explosion. With the rapid growth of education is always bad education. Quality education is dear in the market, as any other commodity.

It is not surprising that the private sector has turned education into an industry. For every industrial firm, what is important is the balance sheet and how much profit it has gained at the cost of consumers, whether they had sold quality of goods or not. Therefore, all business tactics are being employed in the private sector. There is still great scope of growth of this industry because, in spite of all efforts, public and private, the literacy percentage is not more than 36 in the country. The pressing demands of the growing population have bewildered our planners.

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